Written by shanie

10 Apr 2004

i recently moved 2 a new area after splitting with my hubby. i rented a house 4 a while. the guy next door came round and introduced his self. he was a well built black guy called ambrose who was single and very sexy. we had a coffee and a chat i noticed he kept looking at my leather mini skirt hanging up on the door. nice skirt he said i blushed and thanx. he said he had to go now. later that day i bumped into ambrose while shopping and asked if he fancied coming round 4 a drink 2nite. i thought 2 myself i definately want 2 screw him. i got dressed in knee high black leather boots, red leather boob tube and my tight black leather mini. about 8.30 a knock at the door i opened it and there was ambrose his eyes nearly popped out he stepped in i slammed the door and grabbed the already swollen bulge in his trousers he started running his hands all over my leather wear. i took his cock out it was enormous about 12 inches long and thick i sucked 4 ages while he licked my boots and skirt while fingering me. he grabbed me took me 2 the living room and fucked me hard over the sofa 4 a good couple of hours he came all over my boots and skirt several times. we shagged all nite and i never got undressed. what an experience.