Written by Tamara

13 Dec 2004

I had always fantisized about being dressed and treated like a women. I contacted a prositute to help. But I got much more than I expected. I asked "Vernica" to come to my hotel room where I would be naked and tied at the hands and blind-folded. She was to come in, not say a word, and dress me from head to toe as a woman. She was to leave me bound.

Veronica arrived. I was so turned on. She untied me and slowly took me to the shower where she shaved my body completely. She even lathered up my hair and began to shave my head. I started to protest when she stuck a ball gag in my mouth. Next, I could feel the corsette slide on and be tighted from the back. It was so tight I thought I would scream - for pleasure.

I felt stockings being pulled up my legs and attached to garders on the corsette. A bra was fastened to me. A skirt was pulled up my legs and zipped from the back too. I could tell it was a mini-mini skirt just by the feel and found out later it was black.

Next came a blouse, make-up,jewelry, and a wig. I was dying to see what I looked like. I was rather roughly pulled up by my hair and I could feel high, high heels being placed on my feet. I could barely stand and balance myself. The heels had to be six inches tall. The feeling was exquisit.

I was then taken by hand. I heard my hotel door open and then close behind me. I was being taken out of my room. I couldn't believe it. I had not asked for it.

After a 15 minutes or so, A voice whispered to me, " You are a beautiful woman, enjoy. Open your eyes." With that I found myself in a crowed bar(gay). There I sat, looking like a hooker. I was embarrassed to get up. I was all alone and no money. I didn't even know which bar I was in. I looked in the wall mirror and could not believe the femine figure that stared back. I'm not sure I was "passable" but I did look pretty good.

I was afraid to move. That did not matter for long. Before I knew it, a younger looking guy came up and asked me to dance. Rather than ask, he demanded. I found myself being led to the dance floor. He held me tight with his hands resting on my bottom. The more we danced, the more I fell under his power and charms. I couldn't believe I was submitting to another man. But it seemed natural. I enjoyed being touched and caressed as a woman. Before long he kissed me. To my surprise I longed for more.

That night, I learned what it was to become a woman AND I loved it.