Written by gee

2 Feb 2004

I was going through a "phase" of dressing completely as a woman, very convincingly, i might add. I wore a blonde wig in a bob style, my makeup was very skilfully applied by me, kohl eyeliner, mascara, tawny colours for my eyeshadow blend , and perfectly drawn arched eyebrows, (im fortunate that as a bloke my eyebrows are almost invisible) I wore false nails, (painted a beautiful red,) to match my manicured toes, which showed through my pale stockings and open toe ,3inch heel ,stilletos. I wore a pink mid thigh length, a-line skirt, a white silk high neck blouse, a white 3/4 cup 38d corsellete, ( it has sort of boxer short, length legs and holds everything tightly in place to seem like a female crotch) , very convincing fake boobs ,which bounced very realistically , and ,to top it off, a 3/4 length pink trenchcoat, very fetching, Anyway i was dressed up and down at the local dogging spot known as "the sandhills" when a car pulled alongside. "Are you a bloke? " he asked "yes ,of course i am "my fairly deep voice answered " Fantastic "he said "ive been looking for a trannie for ages ,and you really look like a woman " He asked me to get out of my car and give him a fashion parade , walk up and down ,swirl my coat ,pose, that sort of thing. I was quite happy to show off in this way . He asked me to pull my skirt up and as soon as he saw my stocking tops he asked me to get in his car so he could " feel me up" as he called it . I got into his car like a woman would , legs together knees drawn up and swivel inwards he whistled and before i could settle, shoved his hand up my skirt and began to caress my stocking tops. I pulled my skirt up so i could spread my thighs and also expose my crotch. He felt for my cock "You full cut and tuck job? " he asked "No, its just this girdle thing, it holds everything down" " can you get your cock out of that?" "Not a chance, its well and truly buried." i said. By now he had his cock out ,so i got hold of it with my right hand and began to slowly wank him. I stroked his cock with my false nails and gently tickled his balls. He said that it was a great sensation ,and seeing those "talons" around his cock was a really big turn on. i then leaned over and began to lick his cock shaft and balls before completely swallowing his cock , pulling away and then sucking hard as i shoved my head down rapidly. he began to thrust his hips andthen suddenly he pushed my head down and i felt the cock jerk that says " im coming " and he let a floodgate open. i wasnt too happy about the next bit though , i was right down on his cock as he began to come, i wanted to pull off a little bit but he just shoved my head back so i had no option but to swallow his come. Now i dont mind swallowing cum but thats my decision , anyway as he let go there was still a lot in my mouth which i spat out onto his trousers just so it would leave that tell tale stain and possibly even get his missus wondering thatll teach the bastard i thought