Written by Vampanya

5 Apr 2007

Last week Rod and I had the most unusual journey. We had been out with friends and had a great time. Everyone was in high spirits even after a long drive down the M1 to take them home again. I was quietly passing the time teasing by text to a London internet friend. I thought it would be good to let him know how near I was and how horny I might be. I told him he should drive up out of London to meet us in a car-park and taste the honey he was wanking over every night. Bad luck though; he was at work.

As Rod got back into the car from seeing our friend inside and before we set off again he pushed the button on the glove compartment and told me to look inside. He’d only put my little vibrating bullet in there – just in case he said. He does that occasionally. I sometimes look into my handbag to get a pen and see my Rampant Rabbit lying there waiting to be brought into action, or check in a pocket for a mint and find my ‘Lady Finger’ ready to buzz my clit till I scream. There it was though, just in case I needed some orgasmic relief on the way home. It’s rare though, usually I either drive while Rod sleeps or I sleep. This time was a different story altogether. I was as horny as a bitch on heat.

I was wearing a short demin skirt, a pair of tights and black knee boots. I slid the skirt up, rolled the tights and thong down over my thighs and put the bullet gently on my clit. I gave the bullet control to Rod, reclined my car seat back half way and waited. We had reached the M1 again and were now heading northbound. He didn’t turn it on straight away but let me want it some more. Just as I opened my mouth to protest he hit the button turning my bullet into maddening pleasure. It vibrates so fiercely – even on number 1 setting. I love it being there on number 1 for ages – staying just below wanting to cum – enough to feel really, really frustrated.

This didn’t help me any. I was getting more ideas about how to pass the time on the long journey home. With our passenger now gone I could show Rod just how things were with me. Grinning, I told him to check this out. He reached across and slipped a finger slowly along my pussy, stroking down, probing my slit for my wetness. There was no missing it though. When his finger pushed in past my lips, a look of total surprise crossed his face. I remember him exclaiming ‘Fucking hell girl, what’s that about?’ just before he stuck his glistening finger straight into his mouth to suck the juice. Just for good measure he checked again - just to make sure it was as slippery as he first thought. He can be greedy when it comes to pussy.

He was right though, I could feel it. I put my hand between my thighs and ……. Oh My God! How wet was I? All this from just texting and imagining? I was soaking. I played with my pussy for a moment, the bullet still buzzing away on my clit, I badly wanted to cum but I didn’t want to peak too soon. I pressed the bullet harder into my clit, rubbed it up and down, rolling my eyes back I rode into it. I was seconds away from cumming when Rod turned it off! He said I could wait a few minutes and just to really piss me off he buzzed it – just for a second then left it quiet in my hand. I carried on rubbing my clit with it but it wasn’t the same any more. I could have screamed! I pleaded with him to turn it back on but he carried on looking out at the road and was thoughtfully quiet with a devils grin.

Rod waited for me to relax a bit and just as I was backing down off the edge he flicked it on and straight up to no 2! Instantly I started to cum. Hard. I slid down a little into the car seat, and my back arched as I felt the waves of pleasure race through me. I gasped and threw my head back. My body was rigid, my pussy was tightening, my clit was throbbing and as fast as it hit me it all became too much. That little vibrator can be a world of pain when it’s buzzing away on a hyper-sensitive clit so with a final shudder I pulled the plug and fell back into the car seat.

I pushed the hair back off my face and looked over at Rod through half open eyes. He was just driving along the M1. He asked me how I felt and I think I said ‘Ahhhhhh’. Post cum chatter not great but saying it all anyway. He asked me how I felt now on a scale of 1 – 10. We have a wetness scale; 1 being nun-like and possibly healed up, 10 being enough to sort out Sub-Saharan droughts. I checked and I was way up there at 10! I loved the feeling of how slippy my pussy was. I tasted it on my finger and it was so sweet. I’ve tasted other girls pussies before more than a few times (tell you about that another time though) and I have to say that mine is pure nectar when I cum.

It was about this time I think I noticed that we were doing less than our normal motorway speed and were rolling along at somewhere just around 60mph. The road was very clear as it was Sunday night, there were a few trucks here and there but nothing to hold us up causing that speed. I thought he was just going slower so that he could safely afford a few more glances at what I was doing so said nothing.

I was lazily stroking my wet pussy and gazing out into the blackness when we slowly overtook a truck. Rod got just up to the drivers door and slowed down just enough to give the driver of the truck a good eyeful of what was in the passenger seat immediately below his right elbow if he chose to look that way! The truck driver flashed his lights a couple of times as we pulled ahead of him. It was dark in the car, possibly too dark for him to see what I was doing. But I felt so turned on by the thought of him seeing. I love being watched by strangers.

I looked ahead for the next truck. This was becoming more fun than I first thought. As we pulled up to the next one Rod flicked on the passenger side map light in the car and instantly I was lit up from the waist down. I kept my knees together until we were right alongside the door again then with a hand on each thigh, parted my legs slowly and slid my hands up the inside of my thighs. The movement caught the drivers attention and there was no doubt this time that the driver had seen me. I looked up through the back window to see his face against his window looking down straight at my cunt. He grinned at me and blew his horn as we pulled away.

Part 2 to follow!