Written by Donna and Ray

4 Sep 2004

This actually happened last week, my husband and mewere driving to London down the motorway for aweekend away uring the school holidays. we had been in the car for an hour or so and as it was hot I had pulled my skirt up a bit to tan my legs...Ray likes me to show my legs and so had started to stroke my thighs making sure each stroke mad ethe skirt ride higher. after a while my skirt as so far up that my panties were fully visible and Ray slipped his hand down them and started fingring me, what a feeling as we drove I lifted my legs onto the dashbord so he could slip his fat fingers in my aching cunt as we drove. We pulled into a service area near Milton keynes for a rest but I was so wet I went to the loo to releive myself and remove my panties.

When we got back in the car I pulled my skirt to my waist to show Ray that I had tken my pantes off and that my pussy was on show, he likes me to flash my pussy from time to time.

As we left the services we noticed a guy thumbing a lift so ray slowed to ask him where he was going, I had to cover up to save the blushes, he said he was headed fo the Drtford Tunnel and as we were going that we we gave him a lift.

John, as he introduced himself, sat in the back and we set off on our journey. After 15 mins Ray's hand drifted to my legs againand started wrking their way up to my cunt. I let him have a good feel of thigh before letting my legs fall apart for easier access.I could see John leaning forward slightly to get a sneaky view and it was making me wetter and wetter.

John must have sensed Iwas willing as he slipped a hand round the seat to cup my left breast, and squeeze the nipple. I was in heaven and let out a low moan to hich Ray said, why don't you recline the seat so our guest can get a better feel.

Who was I to argue, I lowered the seat and John started to unbutton my dress to reveal my pert tits and fingred my nipples till they were hard, mean while Ray had my legs wide open and was fingering me like mad.

as we drove lots of lorry drivers had a good view and some honked thier horns in appreciation.

Eventually we came to the QE2 bridge to cross the Thames and I went to make myself decent, but Ray said no, you stay like that until we get through the tollbooths...with that Johnleaned forward an slipped his fingers in my cunt whilst I spread my legs on the dashboard...you should have seen the look on the guys face as we went through the toll booths when he looked down t see me being brougfht off by two guys whilst driving along the M25.

That was the start of a very randy weekend...and I will ell you more shortly.