Written by G and J

26 Dec 2003

After my wife and I experienced our first threesome on a short holiday to Amsterdam, I must admit I was keen to do it again. My wife was reluctant at first, but after a rather good session one night, I brought the subject up of meeting another man and she agreed on condition he was in his 20’s, fit and well endowed. I had spoken to my wife in the past about wanting to try oral on another man without it going any further, so I agreed to her conditions and long as we were able to find a lad who would let me satisfy my curiosity. She agreed, but probably thought I wouldn’t actually do it.

We decided that the next meeting would also be in a hotel room, but much closer to home. We advertised on Swinging Heaven and we got 14 replies, some good and some not so good. I showed them all to my wife and we both agreed on Alan. After a few E-Mails and photo swaps we agreed to meet. I knew my wife would need some dutch courage, so we decided to have a couple of hours in the local pubs before meeting up.

We checked into the hotel late afternoon and spent an hour or so shopping nearby. We returned and got ready for our night out. We had arranged to meet Alan at 10pm outside the pub opposite the hotel.

We went out about 8pm and had a few drinks in the nearby bars. I was really excited and I could tell my wife was nervous, but also excited. As 10pm got closer, I could tell my wife had plucked up the courage and when I looked at my watch about 9:45pm she said she was ready to meet Alan. So we finished our drinks and started off to the meeting place. We arrived there about five minutes early, but I recognised Alan waiting at the entrance for us. We said our nervous hellos and decided to have a drink before making a decision whether to go back to our hotel.

It was clear from the start that we would get on just fine. Alan was friendly and my wife took to him, so at about 10:30pm, I suggested that we all go back to the hotel room to crack open a bottle of wine I had bought earlier. My wife and Alan both agreed and off we went. The girl on reception was busy and didn’t seem to notice the three of us heading for the rooms. I wondered later what we would have done if she had stopped us.

My wife and Alan sat next to each other on the bed as I opened the wine and passed them glasses. I went off to the toilet and when I came back they were kissing and my wife had her hand on Alan’s crotch. I jokingly passed a comment about them not waiting for me and my wife smiled. I sat on the other side of my wife and as Alan kissed her, I unbuttoned her top and released her beautiful 38d breasts. My wife had unzipped Alan’s fly and was caressing his now huge cock. I looked at my wife and could she was excited to have such a big cock in her hand. I suggested we all undress and within seconds we were all naked.

My wife took hold of Alan’s cock and looked at me and asked if I wanted to touch, she had remembered my part of the deal. I already knew from our E-Mails that Alan was OK about this. I reached over and grabbed Alan’s cock and started rubbing it with my wife also lending a hand. Alan lay back on the bed and my wife lay by his side and started kissing him. I moved round and put Alan’s cock in my mouth. It was the first time I have ever given another man oral, it was strange but very erotic. Alan was very big and clearly my wife was ready to have him as I slipped two fingers into her pussy as she kissed him and I could feel how wet she was. My wife moved to straddle Alan and as I slipped his cock out of my mouth, my wife slip effortlessly onto his massive cock. She gave out a big sigh of pleasure and started fucking him for all she was worth. At first I stayed where I was so I could see my wife’s pussy being stretched by this cock as she slipped up and down it. Alan’s cock was now moist with my wife’s juices. Alan then rolled my wife onto her back and got on top of her. I lay next to her and kissed her breasts as Alan pounded into her. I could tell she was having the best sex of her life. All of a sudden Alan shouted “I’m cumming!!” and shot a load of sperm into my wife’s open pussy as she screamed with pleasure. Alan then rolled off and looked at me and told me she was wonderful and asked me if I wanted a go. Daft question, of course I did!

I got between my wife’s legs and looked at her open pussy now dripping with her juices and I could see some of Alan’s cum oozing from her hole. I slid down the bed and started kissing around my wife’s pussy and then started licking her actual pussy. I could feel my wife shuddering which meant she was cumming as I licked her juices and Alan’s cum from her wide open pussy, it tasted so good. After my wife stopped shuddering and I have licked all of Alan’s cum from her pussy, I got up and entered her. Alan had definitely stretched her hole, as I slid in my cock didn’t feel as if it was touching the sides. I gave her the hardest fuck I have ever done as she screamed with pleasure. Alan was kissing her neck and breasts and occasionally put his hand between her legs and felt my cock going into her pussy and then rubbed her clit. You can imaging it wasn’t long before she came again and I came too, pumping a second load of sperm into her gaping hole. I eased myself out and lay beside her. Alan was lying on one side of her and I was lying on the other. My wife was between us with one leg over me and the other over Alan. What a sight that must have been. I’m sure she would have taken another cock just lying there if another man had walked in!

We lay there getting our breath back and then finished off the wine. You can imagine that it wasn’t long before my wife got Alan’s cock hard again. He was half my age and obviously able to get another erection much quicker that me. At first she gave him oral as I watched and then got back on top of him. This time was much slower and the three of us enjoyed the erotic scene to the full. As my wife slowly slid up and down Alan’s cock, I knelt behind her massaging her back and moving my hand between her legs to feel this cock going in and out.

I suggested Alan continue fucking my wife, but asked her to get into a 69 position with me underneath. This position was amazing as my wife sucked my cock back to life and I had a bird’s eye view of Alan’s cock slowly fucking my wife’s pussy. Occasionally slipping it out and putting it in my mouth to suck her juices off it. It wasn’t long before Alan came again and when he slipped out, my wife sat straight on my face and pushed the cum out of her and let it drip into my open mouth. It was too much for me and I came on my wife’s hand as she wanked me.

This just about marked then end of that night’s session and Alan cleaned himself up and made his excuses to leave. We all agreed we would meet up again another time. As Alan left my wife went to clean herself up, but I asked her not to as I enjoyed seeing her in such a naughty way. She lay on the bed with her legs apart and I looked at her open hole still wet and she looked well fucked, which of course she had been. We both fell asleep.

The next morning we were woken by room service bringing us our breakfast. As we had breakfast we talked about how good the night had been and decided that we would try again, but not too often as we wanted this session to remain as special as that night.