Written by dazzagg1

9 May 2005

when eddie and I got into the van eddie said fuck me daz that was so fucking hot i aint never cum like that even with my girl friend it was so fucking hot and he sucked you off an made ya cum twice mate watching him suck on your prick was great wouldnt mind getting a mouthful of it sometime,,

I laughed an said hang on till we done this delivery an lets see what happens on the way back... good he said ny pricks semi hard already just thinking about it I used to see yu getting out your van and walking across the yard in your tight jeans with your prick sticking out and went in the bogs and wanked myself off thinking about having a cock session with yu... w

e were delivering to an army depot and when we got there the guy on the gate checked our papers and directed us to the store where the delivery was...when we got there.we saw 2 army guys waiting for us and we got out and opened the rear door to get the goods out..here mate I'll give yu a hand one of the guys said it was still only 6.30am and we soon had the delivery inside...when eddie and I got inside the 2 squaddies came in an closed the door...just gonna check mit mate

why dont you go with my mate and grab a cuppa an I'll be over in a minute..there aint anybody about this time in the morning so we shud be ok for half an hour...both guys were in their early 20s and very fit the guy taking us for a cuppa was wearing light coloured khakis which fitted him like a glove showing a sizable bulge in the front of his pants. I started to get a lazy lob on just thinking about getting my hand in his pants and playing with his dick...we sat down at a table while the guy got us 2 coffees he said just gonna take a slash guys will be back in a min...eddie said

jeeze daz he's a fit fucker did ya see his pants, he wears em so tight you can see the outline of his cock in em...sure I saw m8 he's a fit fucker too..I said hang on here eddie just gonna take a slash and winked at eddie and made my way to the door where the squaddie had gone....when I got in there were 2 pissers and the squaddie was stood at one of em ok if I take a leek m8 I'm busting...he laughed sure mate be my guest..I stodd next to him and unzipped and got my prick out and started to piss...when I looked down I cud see him moving his hand up an down the shaft of his cock which was a fair size nearly as big as mine,,,I finished pissing and started to shake it he said thats a big fucking dick yu got mate its nearly as big as my mates out there

he was staring at my cock so I started to rub my hand up and down the length and then took my hand away and leaned back so he cud get a better look... fuck me he said you mind if I have a feel mate...nah I said go ahead mate it likes another hand beside mine on it he reached across and took hold of my prick and squeezed it careful I said yu gonna make the fucker hard if yu keep playing with it like that.....good he said just wot I'd like to see mate your cock getting a boner in my hand..I'd like to see the fucker shoot its load...his hand was moving faster on my cock which was fully hard by now this feels great mate he said you got a nice big fat cock just for me to play with....wait till my mate out there sees it he'll wanna suck on the fucker..

I smiled at him an said thats ok with me mate I love cumming my load as much as I can and a fit goodlooking guy like you can have it whenever yu want matey..good he said yu wanna get hold of mine and toss me off mate then we can cum our loads together..I got hold of his hard cock and started to wank him hard and fastwhile he did the same to me..he said aint gonna be long before I cum for ya mate I'm so fucking horny wanking on your big fat dick...his hand was moving real fast on my shaft and I knew it wasnt gonna be long before I wud be cumming for him..I felt his cock throb in my hand and watched as he spunked into the pisser just as I was shoting my load he took a deep breathe and said that was fucking great mate just wot I needed we been busy all night and aint had time to have a wank till you got here we better clean up and get back to your mate he'll be wondering where we are.. I laughed and said think he might have an idea mate we'll see when we get back...

we put our dicks away and he looked at me and said jeeze mate look at the fucker sticking out in your jeans it looks so fucking tasty...I pulled him to me and pushed my groin against his and felt his cock sticking into mineI put my finger in his mouthand said wudnt mind you making me cum again before we leave mate you 've made me feel real horny...good he said lets get back and see wots going on out there....to be cont...