Written by dazzagg1

20 May 2005

when I got back into the warehouse eddie was just finishing his coffee I said yu ready mate we'd better be off back to base...Ok said eddie ready when you are mate..The squaddie who had just wanked me off said sorry your both leaving was hoping we cud have some more fun..Sorry I said m8 maybe next time we deliver..We walked out and got in the van .. the squaddie waved and I could see his prick sticking out in his tight pants so I shoved my finger in my mouth and eddie roared..yu prick he's got a semi hard on yu must have been playing with the fucker in the bogs..I laughed and said for me to know and for yu to find out m8..we drove outta the camp onto the A36 and started for home...we hadnt been driving to long when I saw a hitcher up ahead as we got closer I cud see it was a young guy probably one of the squaddies from the camp on his way home.and eddie said stop for him daz lets give him a lift I stopped in a layby just past him and saw him running to catch us up..eddie opened the cab door and moved closer to me and the young guy jumped in and sat next to eddie..the guy said thanks m8 my names kenny..didnt think I'd get a lift so early in the morning no prob I said m8 my names daz and the tosser sat next to yu is eddie..The guy laughed and said thanks again...Eddie was sat real close to him there wasnt much room of the front seat and they were pushed up against each other...Eddie said hey daz its so fucking weird I gotta hard on must be the throbbing of the van..kenny said know how ya feel eddie I always get a hard on when I aint driving nice aint it...Eddie said sure is m8 daz always has a semi on when he's driving, yu can see the fucker in his tight jeans..Kenny leaned over eddie and said yeah your right m8 I can see his prick showing out in his jeans this must be the hard on delivery van and laughed..Eddie said this aint fair, me and kenny have got stalkers guess I shud make daz the same....I felt eddies hand move onto my lap and take hold of my lazy lob in my jeans and start to rub it thru my jeans making my dick start to get hard...Thats it daz I can feel your knob getting harder m8...I looked down for a sec and saw eddies hand on my cock he gripped it and pulled it up against my jeans and said look at the fucker kenny its getting hard Kenny was still leaning across eddie and said yeah m8 an its a big fucker..looks like the same size as mine..Eddie said lets have a feel m8 Kenny said just up ahead theres a turning into a picnic area no one will be there this time in the morning thats if yu wanna have a bit of fun..Eddie said ok with yu daz sure I said and turned into the lane leading to the picnic area....when I stopped I felt eddie unzipping my jeans an he said to Kenny reach across m8 an have a feel at daz's prick its nice an hard now cos I been playing with it...he likes having his prick played with...sure said kenny and I watched him lean over eddie and put his hand on my prick which was fully hard..I opened my legs as wide as I cud and kenny said nice fucking dick daz ok if I get the fucker out...sure I said be my guest I like having my prick played with...He shoved his hand into my open fly and took hold of my prick and eased it out...eddie said nice one m8 now get my prick out....Kenny used his left hand and unzipped eddie and pulled eddies cock out and started to wank us both at the same time eddie said kneel on the saet m8 so ya can get a good hold of our cocks we like cumming our loads and looked at me and gave me a big grin....Yeah too right m8 I love cumming...Kenny knelt on the seat gripped our cocks nice an tight an started to toss us both off it felt great having this young guys hand on my prick and watching him wank eddie off...kenny said ok if I suck on em for ya guys eddie whooped and said go for it mate..Kenny got off the seat knelt down on the floor in between eddies legs took hold of his prick and started to lick up and down his shaft...eddie looked at me and pushed his tongue out and licked his lips while kenny eased his cock into his mouth and started to suck on it Eddie said to me this is fucking great daz ok if I play with your prick while he's sucking me off....thought you'd never ask eddie... yu my mate yu can do wotever yu like mate eddie grinned and grabbed my throbbing cock and started to toss me off...he stretched his legs out either side of kenny's head an I watched as kenny bobbed up and down on eddies fat cock this was so fucking horny...ediie wanking me off while being sucked... eddie said this is so fucking sexy I'm gonna have to get your cock in my mouth daz .go ahead mate just wot it needs a young goodlooking guy sucking on it..Eddie leaned down and took my prick into his mouth and started to suck on it I could feel the whole length of my dick going past his throat and l looked down and saw he had the whole of my prick in his mouth thats it mate I said suck it off make the fucker cum for ya com on mate give it a good gobble and make your best mate cum his load..that feels so fucking good eddie feeling ya sucking on my prick just hold your head still an I'll fuck ya in the mouth I started to fuck eddies mouth and knew it wasnt gonna be long before I cum my load..I cud feel my ballls filling up...go on mate I said suck it hard its gonna cum for ya just as I started to shoot my load into his mouth he tooking his lips off my cock and shouted fuck me I'm cumming I'm fucking cumming mate your cock is making me cum in kenny's mouth an I watched as kenny's mouth filled with eddies spunk.....wow he said I love sucking on your big fat cock mate and he looked down at kenny and said get up mate and get your cock out I gotta have some more prick in my mouth to suck on.....to be cont>>>> if you like this e.mail me...