Written by dazzagg1

9 Aug 2005

my mate eddie had sucked me off so fucking good an I wanted to give him the same ...I knelt down in front of him and took hold of his fat prick and eased his knob end into my mouth and licked it till it was nice and wet and slippy..I looked up at eddie an he was looking at me with his mouth wide open...fuck me Daz I never thought you wud go down on me this is fucking great mate wot I been waiting for for a long time mate an now heres my prick going into your mouth an your gonna suck the fucker off for me..I eased eddies fat cock into my mouth going nice an slow so I didnt gag I made his shaft as wet as I cud so my mouth cud slide up an down the shaft of his cock..I had about 4an a half inches in when eddie put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me gently onto his prick making it slide to the back of my throat he said Oh mate this is fvcking heaven my good looking best mate is sucking on my dick he's letting me fuck his mouth he's the best ..hes sucking me I can feel his fvcking lips rubbing up and down my shaft my pricks gonna fucking explode soon mate yu gonna make me come my load in record time your so fucking sexy daz yu want me to pull out before I come or are ya gonna let me spunk in your mouth like ya just did to me.....I took hold of the bottom of his shaft and started to wank him while i sucked on it I felt his balls getting tight and suddenly the spunk was spurting into my mouth filling it with salty creamy come...I liked it and felt eddie easing his prick out of my mouth....I said to him that do you ok mate thats just for starters mate yu said if I make ya come your load in less than 5 mins I can make ya come your load 7 times before yu go home..you gonna be fucking knackered by the time I finished with ya eddie and your prick is gonna be a bit sore...Eddie laughed hang on mate yu gotta come 5 times for me remember so you aint gonne be so fit by the time we leave here....hey mate it was fucking great sucking yu off Daz loved having your big cock in my mouth an as for yu sucking on mine mate that was the fucking end,,best gobble ive ever had mate..I laughed yu aint had me deep throat ya yet mate then you'll know whot being sucked off is it yu a good boy I'll suck yu off again in about half an hour...just thinking about it is giving me a lazy lob..it was good mate having your cock in my mouth....eddie was easing his prick into his tight pants while I did the same just then there was bang on the door...Fuck me I said we forgot about the new guy whose starting this morning the guv said his name is Paulo and he told us to look out for him..Eddie went into the rest room while I opened the door and let him in it was only 10past eight and still a bit chilly...Come in mate I said my names darren daz to all my mates..hi he said I'm paulo.... He was a nice looking guy about 30 I guess slim built very fit wearing tight jeansan a t shirt.... the jeans were fairly tight and showed of a nice package in there hey I said dont hang about mate come in in the warm..He came in and as he passed me I felt him brush against me an I'm sure his hand flicked across my prick which was still semi hard and lingered for just a few secs...wen he got in I closed the door and said thats better mate good to have yu working with us..He offered his hand and I shook it..your hand is very hot Daz and I saw him look down at my crotch and squeezed my hand real tight...so is yours I said mate yu must be hot stuff/// He laughed and said I havent had any complaint in that department Daz dont think yu have either nodding his head down towards my crotch you seem to have plenty in there daz although I think mine might be just an inch or 2 bigger an thicker than yours.... hey steady on mate I said yu taking liberties here...dont think so daz been here about 10 minutes waiting outside and cud hear everything you and your other mate were doing I did not

want to disturb so I waited till you had finished and then knocked on the doorI maybe should have knocked earleir and maybe yu wud have let me join in...He was smiling at me an I knew he was ok he was a sexy fucker too so a play around with him wud go down a treat specially if his prick was as big as he said.... Just then Eddie came out with a couple of mugs of coffee//Hi he said yu the new guy my names eddie...Hi eddie my names paulo it is very good to meet yu...eddies pants were a fucking joke they were so tight I could see the knob end sticking down his left leg and wen he put the coffees down the cheeky fucker ran his hand down his shaft and adjusted it so it was even more sticking out//I looked at him and raised my fist I was stood behind paulo and gestured to eddie that I was gonna fucking kill him.Paulo sorta turned back towards me and said this guy is well hung he dont leave anything to the imagination does he..Eddie stared and I grinned at Paulo no he dont mate ... he just likes having his prick played with he's only 19 got a lot to learn..I walked round paulo and stood between them while paulo watched I reached down and started rubbing eddies prick thru his pants... see paulo he lets anyone play with his dick he loves coming why dont you show him how big your fucking dick is mate an teach him a lesson...Eddies prick was nearly bursting his thin pants and was fully hard as I played with it paulo stepped closer to me and said Maybe daz yu cud do me a favour and do the same to me wot yu doing to eddie I think my prick wont be hard to get stiff mate it loves getting hard cos it means its gonna cum an it loves cumming..Paulo was stood almost against me I lowered my right hand and felt the big bulge in his jeans his prick was hanging down his left leg and as I ran my hand down the shaft it was fucking huge it was the biggest dick I ever felt...eddie was watching my hand rub up and down his cock and he said this is unbelievable Daz look at the size of the fvcking tool on him I gotta have a piece of that daz it looks so fucking tasty I can see the fucker getting stiff while you stroke it..Paulo looked at me an said do wotever yu want daz I think my prick likes yu guys a lot an its gonna have a lot of fun with yu guys...I pulled on Paulos waist button on his pants and pulled his zipper down to the bottom, forced my hand into his jeans and slid my hand down his long fat prick till I felt has knob end and squeezed it so a little precum oozed out which I thumbed all over his cock end..I could feel his huge tool thobbing as I did it so I lowered his pants and pulled on his prick so I cud get the fucker out in the open...Paulo helped reached inside and pulled on the huge shaft and got the fucker out...It was fucking amazing itwas about 10 ins in length with a girth I cud just get my tight fist around It was a fucking tool an a half I looked at eddie and saw he was standing there with his hand on his prick and his mouth wide open.Close it eddie I said else I'll get paulo to stick the fucker right in an choke ya with it...Eddie said I'd give it a go Daz I'd love to suck on that..OK my friend said paulo its all yours for the day yu can do wot yu want with it all day just like yu can with dazes prick and smiled...just let me spunk into your mouth and the dick is yours my mate...Eddies got on his knees and took Paulos huge cock in his hand jujst a minute daz I'm gonna take my pants off theyre to fvcking tight an I want to do my best with this big cock...He took his pants off real quick an got onto his knees again good job I sucked on yours earlier dazPaulo took hold of his prick and eased it into Eddies wide open mouth eddies was loving it I watched as he got about 6inches inside then he started moving his lips up and down paulos shaft making the huge cock nice an wet I said to Paulo I'm gonna stand behind you mate and guide your tool into my mates mouth,,,Please Daz he said I like yur hand on my cock yu hold the fvcker like i do nice and tight I like being rough wanked.an I think yu do too...I went behand Paulo and reached round him amd took hold of the lower part of his shaft and started to toss it nice and tightly into eddies mouth..I felt paulo reach behind him and open my fly and ease my pants down ..Oh he said this is a nice cock daz nice and fat I will enjoy sucking on later wen your mate has made me come..I could feel my cock against paulos tight ass I was very close to him an I cud feel my cock slipping into the crack of his ass that feels good Daz maybe we shud all speed up a bit wank my cock good an fast mate as fast as ya can and make the fvcker come in eddies mouth slip your nice cock between my legs and leg fuck me I think later I'll ask yu to fuck me while eddie sucks me off I like a big prick up my ass wen I'm coming hey I realy happy working with 2 nice looking horny guys who like playing with cocks...we gonna have some fun while Im here mate I eased my prick between his sweaty legsand started to move in a fvcking mode he was moaning this is so fucking hot look at this guy sucking my cock and his mate trying to fvck me from behind just then my prick slipped into his crack and the tip of my cock was against his hole Oh yeah he siad eddie suck me suck me daz fuck me fuck me this was so fucking horny I was gonna cum soon I whispered into paulos ear yu gonna cum your load for me mate squirt your cum into eddies mouth for me come on mate cum for me I was wanking him so fucking hard and I felt his prick sta rt to get real hard like a coppers truncheon and then he shouted I'm fvcking cumming for yu guys yu both making me cum very quick the best for a long time and I felt him shudder as he emptied his balls into eddies mouth...I cud just see the cum oozing out of the side of eddies mouth just as I shot my load into paulos crack fuck me he said that was so fvcking hot we all got to do this again I love yu guys playing with my prick and I wanna be able to get both your cocks into my mouth...an seeing as we have both just come our loads Daz I suggest we get to work right now on eddies cock and make him come for us Ok mate//// to be cont >>> if yu like email me