Written by richard

10 Sep 2004

if theirs one thing i like doing that is wearing womens clothing tights panties skirts shoes even pantie liners etc,anyway coming home from work one day underneath my trousers ihad on black lace panties stockings and suspenders and pantie liner to catch my pre cum because i always fill horney like this.

i for one never wear socks but love my feet clad in nylon so there i am sitting on a train when this young guy kept looking at my feet and said to me are you wearing tights and i said no why? he replied seeing your feet in your shoes like that turns me on, not one to to miss a chance like this i said that ive got stockings on, wow he replied show me so luckily the trains empty i pulled my trousers down to reveal my lingerie with cock bursting at the seams he made a grab for it dont mind do you he asked i said no and with that he began to suck me off.

after 5 minutes i was really wanting it, to stick it right up his arse at this stage i said whats next then knowing, he pulled his trousers down to reveal one great looking cock and pert arse he then got on all fours and said lick my arse with this my tougue was darting in and out of his love entrance fuck me was his next word so i put some spit around his love tunnel then slowly eased my cock deep inside him shear bliss the tightness of his arse was something else talk about vice like grip i wanted this to carry on for ever but there was one problem my stop was next so because of this i had to hurry and soon i emptied my load deep inside him i then withdrew my cock only to see cum seeping out of his arse this i had to lick if only to clean him up with this done i tucked my cock inside my panties and got dressed he was also getting changed and not to be left out i offered him one of my pantie liners in case any more cum dribbled out of his arse with that my train pulled up and i said my goodbyes .