Written by peter

13 Nov 2003

i parked the car up in the usual car park and then carried on walking through the wooded area , nothing , not a sole around , walked back to the car and lit a cigarette,

1/2 way down my cigarette a car drew up into the car park , a couple turned on their interior lights and began to play , then after about 5 minutes of playing the interior light went out , i was parked about 4 cars away ,

leaving my car and walking to their car i noticed that the car was moving slightly and the windows where beggining to to steam up , just enough to view them playing ,

the lady had her seat fully laid back and she had her legs spread open with her feet on the top of the dash , the guy was busy between her thighs fingering her pussy and with his hands he was kneading her breasts and sucking on her nipples , either they where too engrossed to notice me or they couldnt careless ,

my cock was out and i was wanking it , long ,slow ,steady strokes as i viewed them , really engrossed in their fucking , feeling my throat getting drier i gave a short cough , the guy looked at me then said something to his lady (sally ) making her sit up a little to see me right along side of the car ,

nothing was said , sally just laid back into the seat and continued wanking the guys cock ,as he (trevor ) finger fucked her pussy and at the same time sucking and kneading her breasts,it was so horny watching them both , i cant remember when my cock was so hard and receiving a good hard wank ,

my legs where begining to wobble and my wanking was getting faster , i couldnt hang on any more , i shot my spunk up the side of the car and over the passenger side window , i was so turned that i couldnt wait any more ,

trev and sally saw what i had sprayed over the window and stopped what they where doing to look at the mess , i took out an hankachief from my pocket and began to wipe my spunk from the window,

trev opened the car door and called me a dirty bastard , sally adjusted her seat and began to laugh whilst she adjusted her top and short mini dress, then as she stepped from the car i got a wonderfull view of her puffed up pussy , i had forgotten that my cock was still out , i had to be told by them both that i was hanging out lol ,

we began to chat about dogging and desided that we could go for a walk along the sea front , i told them that i had been into dogging for 3 years and to them of a few of the experiances that ive shared and enjoyed with others , finding the seat on the front sally and trevor sat whilst i stood , we all lit cigarettes and continued to chat ,

it wasnt too long before we began chatting about boundries and how both trev and sally enjoyed showing and at times , sharing , sally was sat with her back awayfrom me and put her feet up onto the seat , allowing both her legs to ease apart , leaving a very wide V shape to form between them , trev inched forward towards sallys pussy and began to rub her pussy and to watch and hear her pussyand to watch his fingers disapear into her cunt was becoming very exciting again ,

i moved from where i was to get a better view of the action , trev had 2 fingers inside sally and was fingering and rubbing her allready swallon cunt , sally was nowkneading her own breasts and groaning gently as she enjoyed the attention trevor was giving her ,

i took out my cock again , it was hard and ready for another wank , trevor stood and took his own cock out , took 2 steps towards sallys mouth and offered it to her to suck , as she took hold of his cock trevor asked if i would enjoy a little fingering , i sat next to sally on the seat and began to run my fingers along her inner thighs till i came across her sopping wet cunt , i parted her sex lips and let 2 fingers slide inside , they both slid in with ease ,

trevor had hold of sallys head and was fucking her mouth , sally was nowkneading his balls with one hand and the other was busy pulling and kneading her own breasts , i began to slide my fingers into sallys cunt faster and deeper and sally was responding by girating her hips and moaning whilst receiving sexual attention at both ends of her body , from both trevor and myself ,

as i finger fucked sallys cunt i was wanking at the same time, her cunt was dripping i could feel her juices flowing from her cunt and onto my fingers and onto my hand , every minute or so i would take my fingers froim her juicy cunt and lick them clean , all the time i was still hanking myself ,

getting the urge to cum i turned my hips towards sallys thighs and then shot another dose of spunk into her thighs , rubbing it into her thighs as it shot from my cock ,trevor saw what i had doneand gave the knowing mmmmmm sound , sally took his cpock from her mouth and instructed trevor to fuck her doggy style, without hesitation sally went around the back of the the seat and bent over ,

trevor took his place behind her and stuffed his cock intoi sallys waiting cunt , as he slipped inside her pussy sally gave out a gasp , then a long slow groan , telling trevor that she wanted and needed a good fucking ,

i sat on the seat and tried to get my spentcock hard again as i felt the seat move from trevors fucking , watching sallys breasts swing with trevors thrusting and seeing her gripping the back of the seat was so fucking horny ,

sally was shaking and her cum was dripping down her legs and you hear the sound of sallys cunt as trevor thrusted and withdrew his piston like cock , gathering speed and thrusting deeper and rougher , he was really banging her cunt , sallys cum was splashing out from her cunt as he thrusted faster and deeper , she must have cun about 5-6 times before trevor started to moan and groan , taking hold of sallys hips and allmost shouting ," im going to fill you up you little whore" "im going to ram your cunt so hard "

i couldnt beleive what was happening , untill i saw trevor take hold of sallys hips , grab hold of the flesh , making sally squeal , he rammed his cock so far up her wet cunt that it made sally grunt like an animal , one massive and deep thrusy forward brought trevor off , he had filled sallys cunt , he must have cum so much ,

he was cumming for at least 30 seconds , spurting it out there was spunk everywhere , up on sallys back , her cunt was full , , down her legs even on the seat, finally he pulled his still hard cock from sallys cunt , it made a really sext plopping noise as his cock came out ,

sally stayed bent over the seat and trevor replaced his cock with his fingers then proseeded to scoop his spunk froim her filled cunt and rub it into sallys arse and reaching over and spreading it onto and into her breasts and nipples ,

as trwevor did this sally was cuming , sge was shaking ans swearing as she spurted her cum all over trevors hands , we had shared a really horny session last week , we walked back to their car , all of us sat inside the car enjoying even more experiances , we finally exchanged e mail addys , we are going to meet in 2-3 weeks , this was a very exciting dogging time for me , as well as for sally and trevor , if any who has read this wants to meet an experianced mature dogger , please feel free to add me to msn messenger , peterjf23@hotmail.com or yahoo messenger peterjf23us@yahoo.com