Written by peter

28 Mar 2005

i went for a drive last night , along the east coast area, parked up along the A165 about 8-00pm , there wasnt many cars around , i parked about 25 yds behind a green toyota, i noticed the interior light was on and desided to to walk along to the car , the interior light was flashing on and off for about 2-3 minutes

as i got along side the car i noticed that there was only a guy in the driving seat , or thats what i thought until i drew level with the drivers window , it was then i saw that the driver wasnt alone , he had a female passenger , the reason i coiuldnt see her before was because she was laid on the front passenger seat with her head between his thighs , giving him a blowjob ,

he must have seen me approaching the car but still they carried on , the guy glanced out of the window in my direction and gave me a smile and a wink , he then told the lady that i was outside the car , still they carried on ,

i began to rub my cock through my jeans and could feel a really nice hard on developing , so much so i unzipped my cock and began wanking , all the time not taking my eyes off the entertainment before my eyes ,

i could see the lady wanking and sucking the guys cock , he leaned back , enjoying the adventure , all the time i was wanking , every now and again the lady would glance up then continue to blow and wank the guys cock , that was until he started to shake and began pressing her head down so she got more of his cock inside her mouth ,

the guys hands gripped the steering wheel and his back arched , it was clear that he had cum , shot his spunk to the back of thew ladies mouth , i could them both grunting as i continued to wank my own cock ,

when she lifted her head from the guys lap , she kissed him on the lips , then sat back in the front passenger seat , there was no sign of the spunk , she had swallowed every drop and she licked her lips ,

the driver opened his window about 1/2 way and i said that was a nice trick , not a drop wasted mate , he said we just got started , the lady was now playing with her pussy and letting her pussy be on show , her skirt was hp around her waste and one leg resting on the dash board,

i was still wanking ny cock but i wanted a clearer view of the ladies tits and pussy , i asked the guy if i could go around to the passenger side to get a clearer view , he asked her and she said i could ,

her window was open as i walked around the car , she had one hand in her groin and the other on the guys cock , wanking him steadilly,

but as all good doggers just watching wasnt enough , i asked if they minded me touching her tits and nipples , the guy smiled and i took that as an ok to carry on , i reached inside the car , began running her nipples through my fingers and thumb as i wanked ,

after only 5 minutes of this i could feel myself cumming , my legs where shaking and my breathing was shallow , i took my hand from her tits and cupped the end of my cock and spunked into the palm of my hand , i got three really good shots of spunk in my hand and reached through the window again , onto her tits and began massaging the cum into them ,

it was then that the guy told me that they didnt allow her to fuck doggers , but if i wanted to stay he would fuck her , and i could view only , i agreed and stepped back from the car , allowing thenm both to retire to the back seat , where she got on all fours and he guided his hard cock between her waiting thighs , i went around to the other side of their car and watched her face as he ground his cock into her wet pussy from behind ,

it was a good 10 minutes before the guy gripped her thighs and begsan pounding his cock into her , fast and deep , then with one mighty thrust he clung onto her outer thighs , rammed his cock deep and held it there for a minute or so , he had filled her pussy up ,

after wards we chatted , they stayed in the rear seat , and i stood outside of the car , we chatted for about 5 minutes then went our seperate ways , i thanked them both for the show and allowing me to join in their fun , hope we going to meet up again when the weather gets a little warmer ,