Written by george

15 Mar 2006

This is a true story. I suppose I should have realised that the following was too good to be true, but here goes.

While out in Oxford one evening with friends I got chatting to this woman in her mid thirties. She was out with a group of similar women; they were quite pissed but friendly. She was a bit tipsy and flirting with me. She was blond, about size 12 curvy, and well spoken. She name was Trish.

Anyway after about a couple of hours of hand touching and smooching she invited me back to her flat.

She lived in the poshest part of town, and once inside her flat, she made it obvious how she wanted things to progress. She told me to kneel down, lift up her skirt and 'eat her' as she said. I lifted up her skirt to reveal a completely shaven cunt, and she was quite moist as I touched her. She hadn't touched me at all by this stage, and told me to get up and told me to go to her bedroom.

There, still fully clothed she lay back on the bed and asked me to continue. I put two fingers inside her and gently rubbed her g-spot, while licking her at the same time.

This went on for about 10 minutes when suddenly the bedroom door opened, and a bloke of around 6 foot stood there. I thought I was in for the biggest hiding of my life, but he just stood there, and hissed "You just carry on" I noticed he was taking his cock out and was starting to wank it.

I was trembling by this stage and not sure whether to make a bolt for the door, but the bloke stood in the doorway, so there was no chance.

Trish said it was allright and began to take my trousers and pants off. She lowered her mouth onto my cock which after the shock of seeing her bloke had withered somewhat.

She licked by balls and then her tongue made its way up and down my shaft. She asked me to continue licking her at the same time in a 69 position.

Suddenly the man asked me to move and positioned himself between her legs. His cock was about 8 inches long, not very thick, but long. She was wet from my licking, so he entered her with ease. Trish moved me towards her and licked my cock while her man fucked her hard.

This didn't last long. The bloke grunted and tensed his whole body and came very quickly.

He got up, and said. "The penalty for playing with my wife is that you now lick her clean"

I'd never done anything like this before so I gingerly went down on her again. The bloke watched intently. This time Trish was moaning as I licked her cunt. I'd never tasted semen before and I had a salty musty taste. She quickly started to climax and grabbed my cock and began to suck on it furiously.

She soon came, but then as I was busy with my tongue I felt two sets of tongues on my cock. The bloke had now moved alongside his wife and was giving me an expert bj.

I looked down. Trish was licking my balls; the bloke was concentrating on the end of my cock. I worried that I might go soft if I thought about a bloke giving me a bj, but I needn't have worried. They worked in tandem and soon I felt myself coming and with a gush I filled his mouth with sperm.

He gulped it down and then moved towards his wife and they fresh kissed with my cum in his mouth.

Looking back it was the best sex I'd probably ever had. The apologised for tricking me into this scenario o and when I asked if we could do it again they declined as the excitement for them was in duping an unsuspecting stranger.

To the couple in Summertown in Oxford, thank you ever so much