Written by Didakdick

25 Oct 2006

Even in our numerous phone call I had started to master Lynda. Telling her what I wanted her to do, what I wanted her to wear, instructing her to masterbate whilst I talked dirty to her and giving her graphic details of how she was going to be used. She always came with loud cries of sexual release followed by pleading requests to make it all happen soon. Well the day arrived when I decided to drive over to Lynda. It was during the day so her family were out and we didn't have to rush. From the phone discussion I had with her before I left home I knew she was eager to be taken.

I got to her house and parked just down the road, just in case. I knocked the door and waited what seemed like ages before I saw her shaddowy outline appear through the glass of her door. The door was pulled open and there stood Lynda. Her legs looked stunning her high heels and dark tan sheer stockings. She wasn't a tall woman nor was she skinny so her short flared skirt beautifuly emphasised the shape of her legs and her hips. Her white blouse looked fabulous as her full tits were shown off to full effect with the deep V of the blouse exposing a tantalising cleavage. She was made up and looked stunning as her bright red lips broke into a smile. She stepped aside to let me pass and shut the door. Her perfume filled my nostrils and I wanted to just fuck the shit out of her straight away. I stopped myself as I wanted to draw this out. I wanted her to be begging for cock before I took her. We exchanged pleasantries and she went to the kitchen to make coffee leaving me to sit on the sofa and await her return. In no time I had a mug of coffee in my hand as Lynda sipped hers sat on twin seater sofa across the room. We talked like old friends sharing small talk but it was evident from the tension that we were on heat. Finnishing my coffee I placed the empty mug on the floor out of harms way and I sat back on the sofa trying to look completely relaxed and in control. A little more talk as she rushed the last of her coffee and set the mug down on fire hearth. I could feel the throbbing in my cock as well as the discomfort as it tried to unfurl itself and reach its full size. I started things moving as I eventually said "you look good Lynda". Smiling, she answered "thank you".

"Lynda, come and stand in front of me and turn slowly so that I can look at you". The smile faded as she stood, realising that the fun was about to start. Stopping about two feet away from me she started to turn very slowly. When she got to a point where she was facing away from me I ordered her to stop. " You look really good Lynda. Your ass looks very tasty in that skirt. Have you got suspenders holding up your stockings Lynda?" "Yes" she answered quietly. "And have you done as I instructed and put your panties over your suspenders?" again she answered "yes". "Come and sit next to me Lynda." She sank into the seat and I kissed her for the first time, her mouth tasted wonderful and her perfume was intoxicating. Kissing her kneck and slowly running my hands over her body I whispered "Is your cunt wet?" "Yes" she qietly hissed. I ran my hand down over her leg, the taut nylon of her stockings making her legs feel smooth and firm. I continued to kiss her mouth deeply pressing my tongue against hers.I felt her flinch as my hand slipped back up her leg and came into contact with the bare flesh above her stocking tops. I love stockings, I love the contrast between the feel of the stockings and the soft tender flesh just above. The lace at the tops of her stockings felt good and as my hand explored I became aware of her legs parting, eager for my hand to search out the puffy folds of her pussy. She was wet alright, I could feel the slimy excretion seeping through her stretched gusset. She simpered as my tongue continued to invade her mouth and my index finger traced firmly over her panties up along the folds of her cunt. Her one arm clung to me as her other lay rigid next to her, her hand gripping into the cushion, the knuckles white with tension. Slowly I worked my finger under her pants and could feel the hot, slippery cunt that pulsed beneath. I found her clit and used her juice to slick the bud as I rubbed, slowly at first but with a steady rhythm. Her whole body was starting to writhe as I held her firm and worked her with my finger. I was no longer kissing her but started a succession of question and answer as she tried to gasp her replies, grasping even harder at the cushion.

"Does your cunt feel hot right now?"


"Do you feel like a filthy whore Lynda?"

"Oh fuck, Yes"

"Are you going to be my slut?"


"When was the last time you were fucked Lynda?"

"About a week ago"

"Do you need cock Lynda?"

"Oh fuck,fuck, please do it to me"

Suddenly her heels dug into the floor, her ass lifted from the sofa, she let out a cry and she started to convulse as she came. She was totally gone as I worked her clit right through her orgasm. She sqirmed and twisted and tried to clamp her legs shut to stop my constant attack on her now saturated clit. In my own time I slid my finger from her bud and into the depths of her pussy and she slowly calmed. Slipping from the sofa, I knelt in front of her and started to tug her knickers down her legs. Pushing her legs apart I kissed from the inside of her knees up the inside of her thighs. Without touching her pussy I gently sucked and bit the flesh at the very top of her legs. Once again she started to respond and she spread her legs as wide as she could get them. Her hands were on the back of my head, trying to press my mouth against her swollen gash. I resisted and teased her for what must have semed like hours. In truth it was only about two minutes before I suddenly ran my tongue between the flaps of her sweet tasting cunt. Hooking two fingers into her I started to work her clit with my tongue. As my fingers fucked hard into her, my lips sucked her clit into my mouth where my tongue started to lick furiously. In no time Lynda was riding hard to her second climax. I held her wrists and used them as leaverage to keep my mouth hard against her cunt as she fought to free herself from the stimulation. In the midst of her orgasm I quickly freed my cock and rammed it hard into her forcing the breath from her body. We fucked like animals. With her legs hooked up over my shoulders I looked down at her enjoying the sight of her body shaking and quivering as I took her. I felt my balls tense and once again took her by surprise as I slipped from her stood over her and forced my cock into her mouth. "Drink, you bitch" I yelled as my own orgasm burst and my hot spunk emptied into her mouth.

When we recovered, things returned to some false sense of normality. With a cup of coffee in our hands, it was hard to believe that we had started a journey that was to take Lynda much further than she expected and much further than she wanted. Take it from me, Lynda exists and all this is 100% true. And there's more.