Written by rimmer

12 Jan 2007

I've always been proud of my cock. At school I was always attracting admiring looks in the showers and later when playing sports at work i gained a certain reputation.

As I've got older however the opportunity for showing off have got less. The gym and odd trips to the sauna being the exceptions. The other do though I was at a lose end for a few hours and decided to go to a local porn cinema that i had heard was fairly free and easy about what went on. I arrived and after getting accustomed to the dark looked around to see who was there. I sat towards the back on the isle and after a few minutes unzipped and started to stroke my growing cock. One guy stood next to me for a while and threw me the odd look while someone further along the row was doing the same. A couple of guys at the back got up and went so i moved onto the back row. In no time the 2 guys either side where stroking my legs and moving towards my cock which was now really hard. One of them went down on me and started to give me an amazing blow job. The other guy was kissing my nipples and stroking between my legs so i unfastened my trousers and pulled them down, lying back and pushing my hips up showing my cock off to full advantage. It's 9" x 6" girth gave them a real treat.

At this point someone who had been watching left and came back a few minutes later with 4 other guys. At first they just stood watching and wanking then one by one they each came to play with me. Eventually i had 8 guys all taking turns at sucking, finguring and playing with me. It may have been fairly tame in terms of sex but i can certainly recommend the thrill of have several guys worshipping your cock.