Written by Darren

15 Jul 2005

I'm Darren, a 36yo Electrician. I was recently called out to a house near to where I live in Norfolk to sort out an electrical fault on a middle aged couples house. I'd guess he was around 45 and her around late 30s early 40s.

As I arrived, she was just leaving for work but informed me that her husband would be around as he had the day off. She looked stunning in her smart work suit, and I thought that she looked as though she knew what to do between the sheets!! The thought was pushed from my mind as the husband ushered me inside the house.

After he'd made me a coffee he told me that none of the upstairs sockets were working, and could I please sort the problem.

Anyway, after running a few tests I told the man (whose name was Steve he informed me) that i'd need to remove each socket in turn in order the find the exact location of the fault. Steve told me just to go ahead.

Working from point to point, I soon found myself in the bedroom which I believed to be 'his 'n' hers'

As I was re-fitting the socket by the bed, I could see a pair of white cotton knickers laying there on the floor. I couldn't help myself, and reached over to grab them for a closer look. The material at the front where her cunt would have been smelled sensational, a mixture of musk and cunt juices. Around the back, where her tight arse-hole would have been had streaks of spunk on the material!!

Looks like she took a fucking up her arse last night I thought to myself!

By now I was feeling horny as fuck, and thinking that Steve was downstairs, I pulled my cock out and started to wank while sniffing the knickers.

After only seconds Steve appeared in the room. I almost jumped out of my skin and tried to get my cock put away, but he seemed to be turned on by it all. He told me to carry on! I'm not sure I can with you watching me I told him.

Steve said, you like the smell of wife's cunt do you, I was licking her out last night so why dont you lick her out now!! I started licking out her knickers and Steve told me not to forget his spunk and to lick that too!

As I was doing this, Steve was rubbing my cock through my jeans, but by now I was just too turned on to give a fuck about that!

He soon progressed to getting my cock out, it was so fucking hard by now. It felt really horny to feel his rough hands on my balls, and when he started to wank my cock, it was all I could do not to unload all over his hand!

I could stand no more and told him I wanted to play with him too, and suggested we get into bed, which after stripping off, we quickly did.

We layed top-to-toe and started playing and wanking each other, then as things heated up again, we took each others cocks into our mouths. I reached around and spanked his arse as he gently fucked my mouth.

Neither of us lasted longer than a few minutes. When Steve started talking really dirty, and skewered my arse with his middle finger, I knew what was coming. I felt his balls tighten and his cock started to twitch, followed by big dollops of cum shooting into my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow as he was still thrusting his salty prick into my face!

Moments later,I felt my own load rising and warned him. Quick as a flash, he spun round, got on all fours and put his arse in the air, telling me to wank my load all over his balls and up the crack of his arse. A river of cum ran down the crack of his arse and onto his bollocks. I have NEVER spunked so much in one go in my life!

We cleaned up and as I was getting ready to go he said to me that maybe they'd be another fault soon, when both he and his wife would be there!!