Written by Tom

14 Apr 2004

Ohh Tom/Tima you VERY kinky man! I would just LOVE to unzip your leatherwear and worship that cock - and I know M would as well. I think it might be one of those times when he will just have to do as he's told! Can you be tempted to join in rather than just watch?

I really love to play the slut [if I'm already turned on then I'm always too wet to wear knickers] and am always willing to get on my knees for the right cock. I love sucking while I strip and really enjoy having my body explored with toungs and hands.

If you feel comfortable with it you can also explore your bi-sexual side with M [he's great at sucking as well and sometimes we've made a man come in our mouths together].

I will take O and A [ideally in a DP with M] and really enjoy VERY erotic experiences.

The guy Danny that we mention in the ad was someone who appeared in the forest while M was photographing me. He watched from a distance and we carried on while letting him know we knew he was there. Then I realised he had taken his cock out and was slowly rubbing it to its full size. I go so turned on I had stripped completely and was lying on the grass with my legs wide open and masturbating in front of him.

Once he came over to us [still stroking his huge cock] he stood over me and shot his load over my tits and body without saying a word. Then he leant forward, pulled me into his crutch my by hair and ordered me to suck him clean. His cock just got hard again and then he turned to M and told him "now I'm going to fuck the dirty slut". M just smiled at me and took his cock out as well.

Danny put me on my hands and kness and rubbed his length up and down my clit. I felt so dirty with his first cum load still dripping off my tits and I was graoning for him to fuck me. Then I felt the knob end of his cock slipping in and out of me while he just gave me a few inches to tease me and I was ready to scream. I nearly did when he slid the full length in but M stuffed his cock in my mouth at the same time so I was gagging. Then I just lost it completely while they both roasted me.

Danny got a sachet of oil out of his pocket and began to pour it between my cheeks and then slid a couple of fingers into my anus to get me lubricated. I was scared of his size but I knew what he was going to do and before I could stop him he had slid out of my cunt and straight into my arse. I've been sodomised before but i've never been so opened up. Danny asked M if I took arse to mouth [which I would never usually do] But M said of couse I would. Danny kept fucking my arse and got faster and deeper until he suddenly slid out of me, pulled me back by the hair again, swung me around and forced his cock right into my mouth. I could taste the lubricant and my bum juices on his cock and then he exploded in my mouth. There seemed like gallons of it and I was choking as I tried to swallow it. Then M shoved his cock into my mouth and I took another load. There was so much it was pouring out of my mouth and down my chin onto my tits again.

I felt so used and degraded I didn't even try to stop them when Danny said he thought they should help me wash the cum off as he stood asride me and gave me a golden shower.

We've met up with Danny again since then and that time I wound up being fucked in dirty cubicle in a mens toilet near the forest while a couple of other guys watched and wanked [all over me in the end].

So, now you know something about how a well mannered, professional lady can let her inhibitions go sometimes with the right people. We are both quite respectable members of the community most of the time and I don't think many people we know would ever guess at some of the things we love to do to let our hair down.

I would love to see more of you [and that lovely cock] I would also like to know what you might enjoy doing with me/us.