Written by Dave Spenmore

3 Jan 2006

I had got an evening job working at a company where a friend worked, my job was to send faxes to America. It was a very boring job but I used to the time to exchange emails with my friend who also worked late. We were discussing a new barmaid in our local pub and saying what great legs she had and what we wanted to do with her. Im a real legs man and was saying how I loved legs in stockings and tights, as Im in my late twenties I also said how I fancied trying an older woman. On this particular night the email went backwards and forwards about 10 times.

The next night when I arrived for my shift I was getting some strange looks from the girls, I ignored this and settled in for another long boring night. Then around 7pm I got a phone call from Nicola who is the personnel manager, she told me to go to her office immediately.

Upon arriving she was sat behind her desk, shes an attractive woman in her mid forties and always dressed to the nines. She told me to sit and then started on about the companies spam email policy, I looked a bit startled saying I didnt know what she was talking about. Well come and read this she told me. She rose from her desk and I walked around the table to look at her computer screen. To my amazement she had a copy of the email that my friend and I had been sending to each other. I just sat red faced.

She then leant over me and using a pen pointed at the line where I was saying I was a leg man, she was now pushing herself closely towards me and I could see down her blouse at a lovely pair of tits in a black bra. She then turned and perched herself on the end of the table, she was wearing a short black skirt and had either tights or stockings on. She started to run her hand up and down her leg Are these okay for you? she asked and I nodded in agreement. She took hold of my hand and started running it up her leg, I took control and ran it down her leg, to her calf and flicked her shoe off. I then started to run my hand up her leg and arriving at her skirt slid straight up it. She leant back on the desk and opened her legs, the eletric feeling on my hands was making my knob go hard, I kept moving up and felt soft flesh, she was wearing stockings. I gently rubbed her pussy and could feel the moistness through her knickers. I managed to pull her panties to one side and slid my fingers in her, she was wet and beautifully shaven. I moved round to be stood in front of her and put both my hands up her skirt, I gently tugged on her panties and she lifted her bottom to let me pull them down, I lifted her skirt to expose the beautifull love box. My tongue was now inside her, she was screaming with delight and after a short while she told me she was cumming. I undid my trousers and dropped them and my boxers on to the floor, I pulled her towards me and thrust my throbbing cock inside her, fuck me fuck me she screamed and I entered with long hard strokes, she was now laying across the table and had her hand inside her blouse playing with her tits, I was still thrusting and undid her blouse, her rosy red nipples were hard and I teased them with my mouth. Her legs were now tightly wrapped around my back and I could feel myself coming, I told her I was coming and she told me to shoot my load inside her. I increased the stroke rate and fired my load inside her.

We both blushed with embarrassment and got dressed quickly, I have been called to her office on several other occasions and told that I must perform in order to keep my job, the evenings are much more fun now.