Written by Mark

19 Jan 2007

One of my encounters was Mary and Ray; Mary was 42 Ray about 50+. Mary had large bouncy tits, Ray had a longish curved cock that got stiff and never went down. I met them in their house were we talked a bit, Ray got his cock out and stood between Mary’s legs spreading them apart as she lay on the settee, he then mounted her, up the arse!I only realised this when I started to feel her up. She loved it and screamed like you have never heard. She looked at me fully dressed and asked me what my goods were like? I stripped off and showed her my cock which she grabbed giving me an even bigger hard on, she then stuffed it in her mouth sucking me off, not I might add to ejaculation, I resisted this. Ray continued fucking her up the arse as I fingered her empty cunt, which was very wet.

We arranged to meet again, this time we both had full sex, but in Rays car in a wood. Ray fucked her first from outside the rear door, it looked very uncomfortable! I climbed in the back and put my cock in her cunt and shot my load within seconds what a disaster!

We met again in a hotel where we both fucked the arse off her, Ray started by fucking her arse as I fingered her cunt, and she was so noisy I thought the hotel would complain. I lay on my back with Mary’s cunt impaled on my rampant 7 inch cock Ray was as usual up her arse, putting the full length of his curved cock up her with long fast strokes. He pulled out after a while and watched me, I pulled out too far and slipped out of her wet cunt I eased it back into what I thought was her cunt only to find it was her arse hole I was fucking. We finished off by shooting our loads over her face and boobs; this was after about an hours fucking. Mary looked really fucked with both our spunk all over her face and hair.

After a rest and a drink we did it again giving her a real seeing to, she could hardly walk back to the car but loved all of it! Mary had the wettest cunt and arse I have ever been up; it was as easy up her arse as her cunt!