Written by Seeker

23 Sep 2014

I didn't follow up my post of 9th Sept, straight away as I wanted time to take a measured view of events. Things didn't really end up as I planned as Becky went off with David for a couple of weeks and has only just come back to me to try and start again.

Going back Becky returned from work a little early and started preening hers self ready for the evening. Watching her bathe and then lotion her body, knowing she had been naughty earlier was very sexy and soon we were having oral sex. Whilst lapping at her perfectly smooth quim I imagined her giving head to David. She may well have been thinking the same because she had an intense orgasm on my tongue. My erection was the hardest it had been in a long time and I could not help but unload in her mouth. For the second time in 24 hours she continued to suck and swallowed every drop. I imagined her doing the same for David and continued pumping her mouth long after coming.

We lay cuddling for twenty minutes or so before Becks got up and started to choose her clothes for the evening. She did a fashion parade for me seeking approval for her evening attire. As mentioned before she has fabulous breasts and I love her to go braless and hence I chose a very thin tight halter neck dress- below the knee but very daring cut top showing both side cleavage and clinging to her nipples.

Rather than cook we ordered a take away for when David returned giving him time to shower. Becks started on the wine early and was tipsy when he arrived. David's face was a picture when he came into the lounge , his eyes drawn straight away to her breasts. Becky stood up and welcomed him with a kiss, they hugged for several seconds.

By the time David had got ready the Indian arrived and we sat with Becky next to David affording him a nice view of Becky's side boob. - I find this more sexy than a plunging front somehow. True to form we all got pissed and as if sensing my thoughts David casually put his arm around Becky, stroking her hair and bare back.

I suggested they sit in the lounge whilst I opened yet another bottle. I was a little taken back when entering the room to find them in the midst of a full on snog. They didn't even break when I sat down just feet away. "Don't mind me" I said as they came up for air ! As we polished off another bottle David continued to fondle Becky and looked me straight in the eye as he slipped his hand down to stroke that side boob. I smiled nervously and raised my glass signalling him to be bolder. With that his hand slipped inside her dress and I could see him fully cupping her breast and teasing her nipple. I found myself with a hard on and sure enough so did David. As they continued to French kiss with abandon he pulled Becky's top aside to expose one whole breast which he massaged expertly. Moving from lips to neck he then started to kiss her boobs and suck her nipple. As her breathing became heavier she reached down to feel the very substantial bulge in David's trousers.

As if I wasn't there things developed quickly , David putting his hand up her dress to stroke her beautiful smooth quim. I knew she was knickerless so he had unrestricted access as he started to finger fuck her to orgasm. At the same time she unbuckled his jeans and released his very large cock which she wasted no time in wanking. Worryingly I could see he was much bigger then me.

Soon Becky's dress was removed and David moved his oral attention from her boobs to her fanny. I took this opportunity to slip my own clothes off and stood next to Becky offering my raging hard on to her soft lips again. She sucked with such gusto I genuinely hadn't noticed that David had moved up and was actually fucking her. What I did notice was her almost animal like groan as he thrust in. This tipped me over the edge as I came in her mouth yet again. Flopping back in the chair I watched in awe as David gave Becks the fucking of her life. As she mouthed obscenities begging him to fuck her harder she orgasmed several times before he finally released his seed deep inside her womb.

What could have been an awkward time David left the room , seeing Becky spread on the couch totally shagged out was a sight I'll never forget. She beckoned me over and pulled me down for a kiss as if to seek approval. The kiss developed to a snog and I soon followed David's actions in kissing her breasts. Amazingly Becky seemed to be still very turned on and wanted more. She pushed my head down to her sex. I hesitated for a bit as I could smell another mans spunk seeping out from her puffy lips , Becky sharply ordered me to kiss it, reservations gone I found my self licking her clean !!

David had returned and laughed at the sight before him. With that he ordered me to rim her ass to get her ready for another round.

I spent the rest of the night in the spare room , wanking as I listened to an almost endless round of raw passion. Becky giving no thought to me or neighbours hearing her unabashed moans and profanities.

The next day was a bit embarrassing, what do you say when your partner has been shagging another man all night ? That afternoon I had a call from Becks saying she needed some time to sort her self out and I'm ashamed to say I've had many a wank thinking about that night Now she is back I shall no doubt learn what else happened over the last two week.