Written by Anette

19 Aug 2008

I,ve been reading stories on this site for about 2 years,I,m a single lady living on my own,I come off on the stories of men playing with men. I,ve only had two sexual encounters ,in one case it was always how quickly he could get his prick into my fanny and empty his semen into me,in the other he just wanted me to play with his prick until he shot his semen out,he never really played with my fanny,I always ended up masturbating myself after he,d gone.

I was passing some toilets late one evening a few weeks ago,I needed to go,when I approached I did a completely compulsive thing,some people might say I look a bit manish but I,m all woman,I walked in the gents, a man was standing at the urinal,I went in a cubicle. There was a hole in the door , I dropped my trousers and knickers and sat on the loo. I was breathing heavy at what I was doing,and my fanny was tingling,I could feel my nipples harden.

I looked through the hole,I could see he was playing with his prick, even though he was facing away from me. I put my fingers in my fanny,I was wet,I rubbed my clit,it responded quicker than usual,I could hold it between my finger and thumb. Another man entered the toilet, I watched him take his prick out,I could see it clearly,I thought it looked quite large.I expected him to start weeing but he didn,t, he started to rub himself,I knew it was going to harden, I was really fingering myself. The other man nodded towards my door, the newcomer didn,t seem to care, his prick was now standing upright,he was rubbing it faster and faster. The other man reached and took it in his hand and took over the rubbing. The newcomer undid his trousers and with his underpants pushed them down,his balls hung really low and swung as he was being ,what I now know is wanked.I could feel myself begin to orgasm, I hoped they couldn,t hear me as spasm after spasm rolled through my body.

They came towards my door,they stood directly opposite the hole wanking each other,both their pricks looked huge,clear fluid running from both,they were also playing with each others balls. One of them pushed the door ,the bolt just gave away,I tried to pull my trousers up but just pannicked.

Their jaws dropped as they realised I was a woman,they just stared at my fanny which was completely exposed,I have always removed my pubic hair. They both managed to squeese into the cubicle,I was completely petrified,they were litterally on top of me. In the confined space one immediately managed to get himself naked, I could smell their pricks,the other followed, they continued their wanking. Join us one of them said,play with us,we won,t shag you unless you want us to,its up to you.

I did, I actually removed the rest of my clothes,couldn,t avoid contact with their sweating bodies as I did so. One of them leaned forward and took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it,I felt myself orgasm again,I pushed my fingers between my legs and rubbed my clit violently, I was writhing in orgasm. They seemed to be fascinated. They both started rubbing their pricks against my body,no attempt to go between my legs. I suddenly grabbed one in each hand, I wasn,t scared now, I wanked them as fast as I could, their hands were on my breasts rubbing hard on my nipples. I knew one was orgasming,I felt his prick jerk and swell, I knew that from my previous boyfriend, there was no way to avoid his semen as it shot from his prick, I just watched as it came with force all of us getting a coating. He held my hand tightly on his prick until it went down. He dressed and left,just two of us, he pulled off some toilet paper and started to clean off the semen, he put it in the loo behind me ,as he came back his fingers went gently between my legs, I spread them wide took his hand and pushed his fingers into my wide open fanny, he went for my clit and got it,I was wanking his prick. We played with each other for some time. Then I wanted his prick in me, I guided his prick to my fanny as I bent backwards,with one movement he was straight up me, I already knew his prick was hot, my juices were running down his balls. He started to pump fast and then faster, I was in orgasm again. I could feel his semen spurting inside me, I loved the gentle way he was hurting me, forever wouldn,t be long enough but he stopped, I was orgasming again as his prick left my fanny. He dressed himself quickly and was out of there. I did likewise, I FELT ON TOP OF THE WORLD.