Written by Helpinghander.

8 Jul 2005

Having been married for 15 years and with two kids of 12 and 14 our sexlife with nearly non-existant and my hubby John was happy just to fuck me for about 5 minutes come then roll off and go to sleep whereas I would be laying there craving more and many a time I would creep out into the spare room get out my sex toys and satisfy myself as best I could without what i really wanted which was more cock.My neighbour Beryl was around the same age as me late 40's but she was divorced and she was always telling me of the different men she has dragged back to hers for a good old fucking and she doesn't care who as long as they have a cock that they will stick inside her.Over coffee one morning I was telling her how I was tempted to find ,myself a lover as John wasn't upto it anymore and she then said she could help me,but I might find it a bit shocking at first so I asked her for more info.She told me she had started helping out at the local OAP home and over the weeks she has started getting fucked by a few of the men who livein and she wondered if I fancied it.At first the thought of men in their 60's/70's didn't appeal,but when she said some had big cocks and were better than the youngsters I agreed to accompany her on her next visit.two days later we set off,both dressed in white blouses and short black skirts complete with stockings and after being handed an overall we swent off in hunt for a Mr Mcintyres room who was due a bed bath.We knocked on the door and entered and he saw Beryl who went up to him and gave him a peck on the lips and asked how he was today and he said all the better for seeing you and your friend.Beryl then went over the door and locked it and said we didn't want to be disturbed did we as she pulled back the bed duvet and when she did we could both see a big bulge in his pyjama bottoms and Beryl placed her hand on top of it and began to rub it as she asked why he had that and he said he gets them when he thinks of you so she undid he overall and let it drop to the floor before undoing her blouse and then her bra to feed her breasts into his face as she then freed his erection.He struggled to suckle on her tits as I stood there shicked but surprisingly turned on and Beryl told me to strip and join in and I quickly undressed and started to move closer and began to pull his bottoms right off and I grabbed his balls which were heavy and hairy and I leaned forward and began to lick them and the sweaty smell was strong but a turn on.Beryl then asked me if I wanted to ride him and as I hadn't had a good fuck for a while I climbed on top and beagn to feel him fill me up with his hard cock and I beagn to bounce up and down as my tits swung around the oldie was groaning and moaning and his face was smiling with joy as he said he will shoot soon and I told him to fuck me and fill my pussy and he then grabbed my arse and shot his load.I climbed off and Beryl pushed me down and placed her face over the old amn and she dived between my legs and began to lick his spunk out of me as she moaned and told him to lick her out.We went on lciking and sucking and fucking for about an hour and nearly forgot to give him his bed bath,and when we did we made sure we gave him another blowjob to make sure his balls were emptied out.When kissed him goodbye and told him not to have a wank until next week when we would return and he promised he wouldn't.When we returned the next week his balls were heaving with spunk and us two lucky ones got to drain him dry.