Written by wickedlittleslut

26 Jun 2005

I have been reading these stories for months now and often sit with my fingers busily strocking my pussy whilst doing so...yesterday was no exception..I had the house to myself so settled down to a good long play reading my favorite ones.

After a while a guy I chat to popped up on msn and pretty soon I was telling him what i was doing...he logged on to the site and we were reading the same stories and wanking away.....after a while he said that he really wanted to watch me fucking myself but as I didnt have a cam he had better pop round to see the action ......I laughed and said ok but you can only watch....20 mins later there was a knock on the door.....

after a few mins he was logged onto the site and told me to sit on the sofa opposite him with my legs spread as wide as I could to expose my gapping shaved pussy....as he read out the stories aloud I was getting so horny that I soon had my eyes shut and was wanking away listening to him as he watched.

i must have cum 3 or 4 times and he was still reading ....I had used my dildos and even a cuecumber ...after a while he stopped reading the stories and just directed me - telling me to hold my pussy lips wide apart he crouched on the floor in front of me so he could continue to watch at close range wanking his cock slowly as I followed his every instruction.......the filthier he spoke the wetter and hornier I got...my juices were puddled on the leather sofa and my fingers were squelching in and out of my pussy and as I cam I started to pee a little. This turned him on so much that he just dived in and latched his mouth on to my cunt...at the same time he plunged 3 fingers into my cunt and his little finger up my arse......I was bucking against his mouth wildly as I peed more and more unable to stop and he gulped down every last drop and I cam harder that I have ever cum before.....his tongue moved into my pussy and lapped up my juices as I layed moaning and gasping for breath ...slowly he stopped licking and asked if he could fuck my arse......I grinned and rolled over onto my hands and knees and he quickly slid his cock into my arsehole and i started to gently rock back and forth onto his shaft....I love having my arse fucked so was soon pumping up and down on his cock and reaching down to frig my clit as he fucked me.....I could feel him getting harder and harder and my clit started to tingle as I felt yet another orgasm building...he was pounding my arse....god it was heaven and I screamed at him to fuck me harder and harder as I cum and peed again all over his balls....with that he grabbed my hips and pulled me back hard onto his cock as he shot his load deep into my arse......it was soon seeping out and our juices mingled together as they ran down my inner thighs.......I feel onto my stomach exhuasted....but he hadnt finished...he genly nuzzled into the cheeks of my arse and his tongue lapped at the cum oozing out of my arse and he spent 15 minutes gently licking me clean again.

As you can imagine telling you all this has got me very very wet again and I am going to have to have a good session with my vibrator ....but I think i will just give him a call to see if he would like to come back and watch me again;)