Written by dave

8 Nov 2006

This story goes back to the 80´s when there was a lot of unemployment and my wife ann and I lived in the north east of England.I was made unemployed and we found it hard to live on unemployment money.I had a good job which payed well until the company went bankrupt.We had a lot of debts and there was no work to be found.things got so bad Ann started looking for work but no luck.Ann saw an advert for strippers which payed good money.This was not her thing as she was well brought up and she is very lady like and I know I was the only man to have had sex with her.These ad´s for strippers was more of a joke to her. I told her she should think about it before we´re made homeless this made her think. I told her that she would have my permission if she would take such a job.A few day´s later she said there is no other choice as we were in real hard times. she asked me to phone the number in the ad and ask about the job. I phoned and a woman called Carol ansewered the phone we arranged her to come and visit us.Carol came round later in the day and sat with us and explained she neede Erotic dancers for different venues mostly in men´s club´s in the area.She saw Ann was nervous but as Carol said it is just a job and you don´t see anyone as the hall is dark and the spot light is on the dancer just think about cooking or cleaning when you srip fhat is the advice she tell´s all her employees.She told Ann how much she would earn and this I think swung things.Ann asked what she have to wear at these venues Carol said erotic underwear is a must suspenders etc. Ann has never worn a suspender belt and we didn´t have money to buy erotic underwear Carol said if Ann took the job she would give an advance of wages and transport would be laid on from venue to venue.Carol said that Ann should pratice in front of me and it should take about 10 to 15 minutes from fully clothed to nude.Ann took the job with some reluctance.We went shopping for what was needed and Ann practiced in front of me it was some what dull at first but after few day´s later Carol phoned and told Ann about her fist job it was a men´s working club and a taxi would pick her up and they would meet at the club.I decided that I would attend without Ann knowing.Ann left after kissing me and said it was just a job. I left shortly after.and arrived at the club to find the show had started with a young woman on stage.About half an hour it was Ann´s turn the lights were out and the spot on stage the music was from George Michel and she danced around a short time and then she started slowly unbuttoning her blouse and letting fall to the floor then she slipped off her skirt slowly leaving her in her underwear she looked great and her nerves were gone she took her time dancing around and then turned her back to us she unclipped her bra turned round covering her breast´s with the bra before thowing it away to reveal herself. My heart was pounding.She danced around to the music and now she was about to reveal her most secret parts to god knows how many strangers.Her back was to us when she put her fingers in the waist band of her slip they were expertly removed showing her bum she turned round covering herself with her hand she lay on the stage and opened her legs snd showed everyone her fanny.This was the start of a new erotic life as it get´s interesting what happened after a few day´s in the job I will tell you soon what happened