Written by Peter

10 Jan 2005

I recently sold my property via the local estate agent, having shopped around I decided to let my cock rule my head, our local agent, a small outfit was run by the horniest looking older woman I have ever seen, every day I would pass the office just to see If I could catch a glimpse of her, if I worked there I would not have been able to stand up for a permanant hard on! She was a real stunner! slim, tall and blonde, expensively dressed, expertly made up with thick red juicy cock sucking lips and long red mainicured nails. I waited until she appeared to be on her own sat a her desk and went it, the air was full of her expensive perfume, she was wearing a business suit, nipped at the waist and a cream blouse that did little to prevent the ouline of her nipples from showing through the thin material. My mouth was dry and I swallowed before introducing myself as a propsective client, she offered me a seat directly opposite her and smiled exposing perfect even white teeth that seemed to make her mouth look even hornier, she introduced herself as Karen as asked what she could do for me, I must have appeared flustered as she offered me a drink of water. My cock was playing tent poles, and it was a this point she noticed my hard on, well it ws so bloody obvious!

She returned to her chair with my drink and one for herself, she was very aware of her sexual pressence and began to make small talk, all I could do was to sit cross legged and smile, she drank from her glass and left a large wet red lipstick mark on the rim, then from her desk produced a small mirror and silver lipstick case, she reaplied expertly her lips until they were almost dripping in red gloss, stood up and walked over to the door, locked it and drew the blinds. Now then she said , lets get one thing clear, you are the guy I see most mornings looking me over through the windows, I have enjoyed your attention, and as I am going to get your business I am going to let you enjoy me in return, she returned to my side and raised her tight skirt, she was wearing lacy black stockings and tight red panties that clearly showed a large developing wet patch, lick me out she said, I need no prompt, I moved closer to her pussy and smelt the same expensive perfume, I pulled them to one side and exposed a tight shaved cunt that was leaking her pre come, I lapped it up and she moaned loudly, I brought her quickly to a load climax and she turned out to be a real gusher, her come was hard to keep up with, but it tasted so good. She was very much in control, and said that penatration would not happen today, however she would suck me to completion, frankly I was hoping for that anyway, kneeling in front of me she opened her mouth wide and swallowed my cock in one long wet suck, her lipstick was all over my shaft and I proceeded to face fuck her, christ could she suck cock, it was therefore only minutes before I anounced I was about to shoot my load, the first spurt hit her well in the back of her throat,the second on her face and the third into the dirty cow's now wide open mouth, a large glob ran down between her cleavage into her bra, she scooped this up with those long red nails and sucked on her fingers.

Not a great deal was actually said, she disapeared to clean up and reapeared as if the butter would not melt.

I then left the office and managed to get home, I got in through the front door and the phone was ringing, it was her, explaining in geat detail how that evening after work I was to return to the office to fuck her over her desk! Now that is a different story!