Written by Jason

6 Jan 2007

I am a happily married man with two children and this is a true story that happened to me last summer. I enjoy cycling in the evenings, especially after work. I have a very stressful job and the opportunity to get an hour on the bike out in the country near us is wonderful

It had been one of the hottest days of the year and at 21:00 it was still very hot and sultry. I had changed when I got home into shorts (no underpants), tee shirt and sandals and went out on the bike and out into the countryside. It was nearly dark by now but very warm. I felt very excited about the thought of stripping off my clothes and walking the bike across the fields with nothing on and looking down I could see my seven inch cock bulging through my thin shorts. I stopped the bike and just stood and listened to the silence in the half light. A few minutes later a car approached me from the opposite direction. It slowed down and the driver ( a bloke of about 30) wound down the window and asked if I was ok. I said that I was and was enjoying the evening. We got talking and I noticed that he kept looking at my erect cock that was still bulging. Robert said that I looked very excited about something and I said that I was thinking about undressing in the fields and having a wank. He asked if he could watch me and I agreed. I did say that I wasn’t gay and had never wanted to be with a man. He said that he wasn’t either and that he was just interested in watching me come.

I slipped off my shorts and tee shirt and felt very aroused and looked down at my erect seven in cock that was in need of some relief. I took some saliva from my mouth and rubbed it around my cock and started to slowly wank myself in the half light. As I did so he dropped his trousers and started to wank too. I suggested that rather than just carrying on, that we should try wanking each other instead. I said that my wife had never given me a good wank and that probably the best way of having a good wank was for another man to do it. He agreed and we swapped hands. I have never experienced such a fantistic feeling. Robert had one hand on my tool and the other around my balls, gently stroking them in harmony with the other that was rubbing my cock. I reciprocated and I could feel myself starting to come. Robert sensed this and gradually speeded up his action. Suddenly I heard him gasping and felt his balls tighten. This was all that I needed. I was close to coming myself and as the first jet of spunk shot from his cock mine erupted too. I shot 3 jets of hot spunk all down his legs as he pumped the last drops from me.

We both stood there with spunk on our hands and legs and both said that we had never experienced anything so sexy before. We cleaned up and agreed to meet again. Since then we have met up five times and had some very good times – I will write again to let you know about these if anyone finds this story interesting.