Written by steve

10 Apr 2006

I am 50. Four years ago I discovered friends reunited. Both my wife and I looked on the site and my wife located lots of school friends and work colleagues. I don’t wish to sound like a boring old sod but I could only trace one school chum. I moved down the scale and started searching for anyone that knew me. I had a hit on an ex girlfriend.

Unfortunately she was now living in Dubai which disappointed me, but it was good in a way as my wife was happy for me to communicate with her as she felt there was no threat and it had been more than 24 years since we had last set eyes on each other.

I soon found out that although she lived in Dubai, was married and had a daughter, she frequently returned to the UK to cool down from the heat. She always returned to the UK during the school holidays and mostly without her husband as he had to stay in Dubai for his work.

I dare not tell my wife this, or that we were talking about getting together for old times sake when she was next over here.

It wasn’t long before she was here, and I was sitting in a motorway service station looking for her car to pull up at our rendezvous point.

We had flirted a little on msn. We had reminisced about our once passionate sex life, and teased each other about how we had now both aged.

But we were both taken by complete surprise at our secret meeting.

Her car stopped next to mine and we passed friendly smiles at each other through the windows. I walked to her passenger door and got in. For a second, the smiles turned to chuckles and a kisses on our cheeks. But then our faces became serious and simultaneously our mouths moved closer together and we were locked in the most passionate kiss you can imagine.

We had said we would go for a drink but neither of us wanted to be close to anyone else at that moment. I said “shall we find somewhere quite to park up” her reply was instant and definite.

We both drove our own cars a few miles down the motorway to the next exit and found a spot as quickly as possible.

Once again I was beside her and we were removing each others clothes and touching and kissing all at the same time. Naked, and without guilt we fucked and we fucked.

My memories of her came back to me. My vague recollection of her fanny odour was realised again, it was strong, very strong, and not sweet like my wife’s. And I now recalled how it lingered on my fingers even after a good washing. But it was still heavenly erotic. I can also understand now how her mother used to blame me for wetting my girlfriend’s bed, she was so wet, the seat was soaking in seconds and the sloshing noise my two fingers made as I fingered her were incredible.

No mention of the pill, condoms or safe sex was made, it wasn’t necessary; we had always been lovers even if we hadn’t seen each other in 24years.

We ignored other cars as they moved in and out of our car park. We fucked, sucked, liked and came together.

We have been lovers ever since and will always be.

Unlike my wife she loves fucking outside where we may be caught, doesn’t bother with knickers, flashes her tits in the car and shows of and flirts to the one friend I have introduced her too. She is so exiting, why on earth did we spilt.