Written by luckjimbob

20 Mar 2006

Me and my partner have just moved into a new area of town,we are both mid to late twenties and bought our house off a middle aged couple, i would say late forties,early fifties.Any way having spoke to this couple by telephone on numerous occasions while the purchase was going through i came to the conclusion that they were very stuck up to say the least.Anyway a couple of days before we moved in they invited us round to show us how everything worked ,which i must admit i thought was a nice gesture considering i had them down as a pair of snobs.This was the first time we had actually met this couple and to be honest my first visual impression was that they were nothing special to look at but seemed nice enough.The woman like i said didnt look anything special but in all honesty i was not really payin attention has i was being shown how to work alarms etc.Anyway we stayed for a cup of tea and then bade our farewells.A couple of weeks later i was having a day off when i reveived a phone call from the bloke asking me if it would be ok if he could collect his post,so i said no problem.Approx an hour later he rang again saying could he come now as he was just round the corner.thirty minutes passed and he still hadnt arrived,when there was a knock on my door,i got up to answer and there was the blokes wife,but how pleasntly surprised i was.She must work in an office and was dressed very smart in a dark blue siut with short thigh length and high heels.Any way i let her in and went to get the letters from the kitchen.On passing her the letters i noticed that she had a fine pair of breasts that were stretchin the material of her suit.This gave me an instant boner and i think she noticed cos i was only wearing thin tracksuit bottoms,and she kept lookin down.I offered her a brew and she said id much rather have a fuck!!! i was flabbergasted and didnt know what to do ,then she just forced her hand down my pants and started playin with my now rock hard boner.I managed to lift her on to the work top were i undid her jacket and released her lovely tits from her stretched see thro blouse and give them a good suckin.All the time she was wankin me furiously screamin at me to fuck her,so i ripped her panties off and rammed my aching cock up her lovely trimmed pussy.I fucked her rampantly for about 5 mins before i could take no more and shot my load up her wet cunt before she pushed me off and licked me clean..She tidied herself up then just as she was leaving put her mobile num in my hand.......ive not texted her yet but she must be due to come round again cos i have a stash of mail for her here