Written by The prober

20 Jan 2005

Just before christmas I got a shock when my ex sister-In Law Sharon knocked at my front door.I just stood there and watched as she walked into my lounge and removed her shoes and laid down on my sofa and she asked if I was surprised to see her and I said of course as she hadn't rang or contacted me for nearly ten years and I found out she was in my area to meet up with a couple of friends who lived nearby and she thought she would stay the night with me.Now don't get me wrong Sharon had and still has a great body with all the curves in the right place and always made sure she was looked at when she entered somewhere whether it be the supermarket or the pub.I went into the kitchen to fix some coffee and not long afater I felt her presence in the room and she was sat on the kitchen table and as she say there I had a good peek of her red panties and she knew it and opened her legs some more and started asking me about my sex life and I told her it was fine and much better than with her sister and she laughed as she knew her sister wasn't really into sex that much(unlike her).I turned the kettle off and mae a move on her and kissed her fully on the lips and moved my hands down oveert he front of her blouse and slid a hand inside and cupped one of her large breasts and managed to flcik her erect nipple and soon I was sucking on it/chewing it and making her moan and withnin a few minutes we were in my bedroom riping each others clothes off and my cock sprang free and she took it in one of her hands and flicked my helmet with her tongue and could already taste my precum and wanted more and I was fucking her mouth in and out as my heavy hairy balls slapped against her face I wish I had a camcorder to record it for future viewing and I told her I would cum too quickly if she carried on eating me so hungrily so she let go of my cock and lay on her back and revealed her hairy pussy and parted the lips and told me to eat her out and I dived in and munched away at her beaver and loved the smell and the wetness that had formed and she clamped her legs round my shoulders and forced me deeper in and at one stage I nearly pased out and she shuddered and squirted her juices down my face and I managed to swallow some but the rest covered my face and I moved up and kissed her and allowed her tot taset her own juices and she just mouthed for me to fuck her and I got between her kegs and fed my erect cock into her married pussy and really went for it as I had always dreamt of fucking Sharon whilst I was married and now I was making up for lost time and I pulled her arse closer and then dumped my seed into her and carried on pumping deep inside her until my balls were empty and then I got off her and lay by her side and watched as my spunk tricled out of her pussy and she was laying there smiling and she tanked me and went to sleep.I awoke the next morning and Sharon was cuddled up to me and had a smile on her face and I was rock hard again so I managed to move around and slipped my cock into her mouth and she managed to suck me into her mouth and make me cum yet again and we shared a hower and then she dressed and gave me her new mobile number and told me to ring her in a week or two.Now we have made conatct we don't aim to lose touch and will meet up from time to time for some NSA sex.