Written by carl

12 Mar 2006

a few years ago i used to be a taxi driver,i drove the car at night the owner of the cab drove in the day.the womans name was jane she had three grown up sons and had been devorced for a good few years,at this time she was in her early 50s. i was married with four kids of my own and was 34 years old.this particular day i had been argueing with the wife for most of the day as usuall.so i couldnt wait to get out the house soon as possible.i left hour early to get some peace,when i got to janes house she said your keen today. so i sat had a cuppa and told her what a shitty day id had,now jane was always flirting with some one so i put it down to her just having a laugh.well how about we go upstairs and cheer us both up she said,yes sure i said thinking she was just joking,well come on then she said,well fuck me i thought shes not joking.lead the way i said waiting for her to turn it into a joke,i couldnt belive it up she got grabbed my hand and upstairs we went her dragging me by the hand.once inside the bedroom jane shut the door and started to undress,well for once i was gobsmacked,ive never fancied her or thought of ever shagging her.well come on get your kit off she said by now she had only her knickers on,i havnt had a shag for over a year she said as her knickers came off.by now i thought what the hell lets go for it,as jane lay on the bed i stripped off,feeling a little uneasy as she watched me undress,untill now only my wife had seen me naked in the last fifthteen years.as i climbed on the bed i felt her hand around my stiff cock, mmmm she said some one else is gagging i see.she slowly started to give me a hand job then climbed astride me and started to lower herself onto my throbbing cock,as i slid between her hot wet lips,she placed my hands on her tits closed her eyes and slowly started to shag me.her nipples were rock hard and the biggest id ever seen,i couldnt belive what i was doing,her shagging got faster and faster as i played with her tits.before i knew it i was comming as she was panting like mad,i tried to make it last but just couldnt hold on anylonger,jane opened her eyes rolled by my side didnt say a word lit a fag then got up got dressed went downstairs.what the fuck had we just done i thought as i lay naked on the bed, i got dressed went down jane was in the kitchen,want a cuppa she said as if nothing had happened, um no thanks id beta get to work i said.i left for work and to this day we never mentioned it,its like a crazy dream i wonder if she ever told anyone about it.the only thing not true in this is her name..