Written by PETE

23 Mar 2005

I have been divorced from my first wife for about twelve years, we were not married that long, and she is only thirty six now. She was always a bit of a slag, knocking off the landlord of the pub she did part time work in as a student plus others but I put up with it as she was and still is stunning. She left me for the guy she married nine years old than her. we ahve a child together and that is how i still keep in touch. We have had some problems with our son and we agreed to meet at her house, we live quite a distance but I was going to be nearby on business. We agreed to meet at lunchtime for a drink, I got there she was in a short chream skirt stcokings nice top nothing out of the ordinary but very sexy, we had a couple fo galsses of wine talking about our son, i was gagging for a fuck as I had not seen my gilfriend for about a week due to work, and Tina was looking fucking horny legs crossed showing a litle of her stocking tops, as we chatted we joed and I stroked her leg, she did not pull away, she was a little pissed, and I was taking advantage of that. so I let my hand go further and she opened her legs and I went right up to her knickerless shaved cunt. She said hey don't and i pulled her towards me with my other hand and kissed her french. She responded, look M has not been here for a few days and I said I knew the feeling and kissed her again this time undoing her top and her firm tits came out and I lick her neck down to her tits and sucked each nipple until they were hardm she was in heaven screaminga nd moaning at me. I stopped and led her upsatirs to her bedroom.

I stripped her off and went down on her before she sucked my cock, and she was as good as ever.Then i fucked her cunt with her legs over her shoulders, before fucking her arse and then her cunt again afetr I had cum the first time, she turned over and I fucked her doggy in both holes again, i refudsed to wear a cindom and my cum was leaking out of her.

I left very satisfied and pleased that i had fucked my ex slut of a wife and left my cum dripping out of her and onto her marriage bed.