Written by Geoff

17 Jul 2006

Just had the most wonderful weekend. A mate of mine contacted a couple from this site. Marshall Couple, wanting men to fuck wife in Leeds.

I was sceptical , but Marty insisted it was gen and showed us the advert. When I saw the picture of the wife, Jane as it turned out, I told him no lovely looking woman such as her would want blokes to shag her and no husband who had a wife looking like that would want her to.

How wrong I was. Marty had arranged with Tim the husband for us to go this Saturday, telling him that he and 3 others would go. Jason is black and really is hung like a donkey. Timo is also black but no bigger than the rest of us.

When Tim opened the door, and showed us to the lounge, there was Jane, just as pretty as her picture. As soon as Marty was introduced to her, he was last, he pulled her to him and kissing her, slipped his hand straight up her skirt and into her pants. She let out a soft groan and her arms fell limp at her side as Marty started to rub her clit and finger fuck her as we all stood watching with our mouths open, all except Tim who had taken out his cock and slowly wanked it.

Come on Marty told us, get her clothes off and let’s get her fucked for the first time. We didn’t know, but he and Tim had decided all this over the phone before we set off.

Jane was man handled up stairs, stripped and Marty climbed straight on her and without ceremony, fucked her speedily till he sunked up her. I was amazed how easily Jane could cum herself. I threw myself on her and did the same whilst Marty offered her his cock for her mouth which she refused.. but egging me on to fuck her, Oh yes, fuck me jhard etc and I did oblige till I too shot my lot up her, next Timo then we sat back as Jason took his turn. Jane went bloody wild as Jason pushed his donkey cock into her and then fucked her for a fourth time. It was then we noticed Tim videoing it. As soon as Jason finished, Tim handed the camera to Marty and he fucked Jane too. Well you know what the weather was like, real hot, so we then retired to on of those great portable pools in the garden. All naked of course and as we lay about cooling, Jane would be passed back and forth for a feel and grope. She was passed to me and I pulled her legs apart and slipped my cock into again. She hung around my neck and worked herself back and forth on my cock, French kissing me all the time. I tell you, don’t let that picture of her mislead you, that woman can fuck for England. She’s the nicest person you could meet, but just loves being fucked.

We stayed naked all weekend and lost count of the times we fucked Jane. The most memorable was when she asked us to fake a rape, dragging her upstairs and tying her up and all fucking her roughly, whist she resisted.

We left Leeds on Sunday afternoon, not before a final fuck and making arrangements to keep in touch for future sessions.

Thanks Jane and Tim for a great weekend.

PS, Jane is not a natural blonde, has a lovely brown bush.