Written by jan ant tam

4 Oct 2003

last week me and the wife where out in the town,the wife was wearing a short black skirt and a small top and no bra, i was driving so she could have a drink,we where sitting in a corner talking when i noticed 2 men looking at the wife. i never paid that much attention until i returned from the bar,on the way back with drinks ,as i got nearer the wife( who had a few) i noticed you could see right up her skirt,nowonder she had admirers.i told her about it when i retuned thinking she would cover herself up,but she just looked across and gave the 2 men a smile,she then went to the toilet and when she returned whispered in my ear,watch there faces ,she had taken her knickers off,the mens eyes lite up and it wasnt long before they where over introducing themselfs. 1 was rob who was 33 the other paul who was 46 they made small talk with us and as we talked i noticed pauls hand was up jans skirt and he was fingering her right in front of and i begun to get turned on,jan looked over at me and said i think rob and paul need a lift home to which she got up and we headed for the car what happened next was amazing which i will tell you in part 2