Written by jan-tam

7 Oct 2003

we walked to our car it was far as we were walking across the bridge jan stopped and raised here skirt all they way up bent over the railing and said i want u here, i unzipped and rammed my dick inside her,rob &paul started to get there dicks out and were hard in no time ,the sight of jan bent over and telling me she wanted it hard and me shagging her in front of two strangers must have been to exciteing for me as in no time i had come,before i could even say or do anything rob had shoved me out the way and rammed his cock inside her,paul not wanting to be outdone grabbed jans hair and shoved his cock in her mouth,after about 5mins rob started to moan and i knew it wouldnt be long before he was about to come,just at that paul said he was coming and i seen the trickle coming down jans chin, what a night that tourned out.

as we where walking to our car across the bridge, we heard 3 young boys shouting you dirty slut and i looked at jan and she just said theyre right but boy have i had a great night. we exchanged numbers and theyre coming over one night ,hopefully that will be another story,jan had never did anything like that before,the demon drink eh