Written by Paul

31 Jul 2015

When my wife arrived home from an office function with cum in her pussy she had no choice but to admit that she finally let Ken fuck her,I was not surprised as I had been expecting it to happen after listening to her pillow talk for the last couple of weeks. What really surprised her was the fact that I didn't seemed to mind and when I asked if she enjoyed it and did she want to do it again,she simply asked if I would mind. My response was just so long as it is not too often and that I would like to watch her being fucked.

Ken agreed to fuck her as I watched so it was arranged fir Friday after work and he would have an excuse for his wife as he normally arrived home late after having a few beers with the boys.

Friday night arrived my wife was waiting dressed only in a short shower coat as she went to answer the door bell she untied the cord holding the shower oat closed allowing it to flow open showing Ken her nude body,as she led him into the bar I could see that he already has a full hardon,we had a couple of drinks then my wife led him into our bedroom Ken quickly undressed and moved onto the bed between my wifes parted legs waiating no time he entered his hard coch into her pussy and began fucking her while I watched a reasonable amount of time passed before he was shooting his cum deep into her pussy. Ken dressed my wife got off the bed and escorted him to the front door.I asso dressed and headed for the bar when I noticed that my wife was not at the front door I walked to the door and looks down to Kens car in the driveway a small schrub blocked my view so I walked to the drive way only to see my wife leaning against his car and he was fucking her again only a couple of feet from the foot path any one passing would see my nude wife being fucked in the lighe from a full bright moon eventually Ken shot his load deep into her again withdrew his cock then entered his car and revesed out of the driveway,I looked around to see if any neighbours were watching all appeared clear I took my wifes hand and led her to the front door ,there she sopped and showed me Kens cum running down the inside of her legs, I cupped my hand and fifed it with the cum and rubbed it all over my wifes tits then retreaving more cum I rubbed it all over her face making sure some went into her mouth we entered the bed room and I really enjoyes sloppy seconds.