Written by TransitMan

18 Apr 2004

At last there was a knock on the door.She was beginning to think he was yet another timewaster, surfing for cyber sex before creeping back with sticky fingers to his little wifey.

She’d taken so much time getting ready for him.The hours spent shaving to achieve the silky smooth skin.The hours agonising on what to wear.The hours spent putting on the make up.

And now he was here, at the door.Would he like the look, in the flesh?She was wearing shiny black ankle boots, sheer black stockings and suspenders, lacy black knickers, a three quarter length black leather skirt,slashed deeplyfrom the thigh and a black silk blouse.Her blonde hair, let down to her shoulders, contrasted sharply.

As she moved to the door she checked in the mirror one last time.Blood red lips matched the blood red nails.The thin black leather choker around her neck complimented her skirt,which swayed open exposing her shapely legs with every step.

Trembling hand opened the door………………………….

She let him in the room,noting the shy grin on his face,thinking he wasn’t so bad looking after all.The red roses in his hands were a nice touch too.As was the champagne.When he’d put his bag down, he opened the bottle, and poured them both a glass.

He sat down on the bed and she stood before him.Button by button she slowly undid her blouse,exposing her black lace bra.His eyes were fixed to her groin as she undid the poppers on her leather skirt.As it fell to the floor she noticed the growing bulge in his trousers.She stood before him in nothing but her underwear and boots.

He rose from the bed and sank to his knees before her.With his head inches from her knickers he grasped her buttocks, carressing and squeezing.He pulled her to him and she could feel his mouth and tongue through the skimpy fabric of her lace knickers.He started to gently bite and suck at her cock.which was now bulging and straining to get loose from the restraining fabric.

His deft hands pulled her knickers down and she stepped out of them.His hands were everywhere as he took her agonisingly tight cock into his mouth.She knew she couldn’t take much more of this, as his lips moved up and down her now glistening cock.She was moaning and groaning, about to cum in his mouth and could restrain herself no more when she felt him reach between her legs and forced two fingers into her lubricated bum.With an agonising sigh, she pulled out of his mouth, just as he pumped her cock and squeezed it tightly,sending torrents of hot cum onto his face, dripping off his hair, nose and chin.

He stood up,wiping himself clean, whilst she lay down on the bed.He went off to the bathroom and she heard the sound of the shower.Minutes later he reappeared, with nothing but a towel around his waist.He lay down beside her and once more she felt his wandering hands on her body.He took her hand and guided it to his cock,pulling away the towel.She’d never seen such a stiff cock and began to gently pump it.She knew now, beyond doubt, what she wanted.Reaching over, she handed him a condom and .She watched him unroll it ,sliding it on, thinking it just had to be too small.

She straddled him, and guided him to the right position.She could feel him straining to get in and pulled her bum cheeks apart and gasped as she felt him inside.She forced herself to slide down his stiff cock,gasping and panting.His hands about her waist, he brought his knees up, forcing her yet lower still.She carressed his chest, and grasped his shoulders, an animal moan escaping her lips.Writhing in an agony of pleasure, she ground herself down, meeting his upward thrusts.She’d never been used like this before and gave herself away with animal abandon.Upright now, she arched her back and continued to ride his pounding cock.He grasped her cock and began a steady, insistent wank that drove her to the brink.With a final savage thrust he came inside her and she exploded again.

She sank down onto him, easing off his by now painful cock, and started to lick the cum from his sweaty body..

She knew he wouldn’t be satisfied with just the one fuck, and knew he’d want to see what other clothes she’d brought.After a quick suck on his now re-awakening cock, she left him to pleasure himself whilst he savoured the memory of having his fantasies come true.

After she’d showered, he heard the sound of a bath running.He roused himself from the bed and as he passed her coming back into the bedroom,grabbed her around the waist and forcefully kissed her on the mouth.She wriggled feel and playfully slapped his naked butt.He was instructed not to come back until she was quite ready.

A while later, after he’d had a sly wank on the side, she called him to come get her.When he opened the door,he felt himself immediately begin to stiffen.She was on the far side of the room,bent over the chair, with her arms gripping the dressing table, her ass invitingly in the air.Moving quickly across the room, hardening by the second,he took in the tight, clingy ,figure hugging black mini skirt, the sheer, barely black stockings,the knee high leather boots, the short black top that finished a few inches above the skirt.

He came up behind her ,pressing his now engorged cock against her bum.He ran his hands along her back, squeezed her tits and then began a forceful massaging of her bum.He pulled up her skirt, inflamed at the site of her stocking tops and suspenders.He spread her cheeks and forced two fingers into her hole.He wasn’t at all surprised to find it lubricated for his pleasure.With his other hand, he reached for her cock and balls and felt the hardness.She gave out a deep sigh and told him she wanted him, NOW.He quickly put on a condom.She spread her legs widely and guided him in.Her squeal of pain served merely to stiffen him further and he pushed all the way in.He held her rigid, preventing her from escaping the unbearable pleasure.

He began to thrust into her, deeper and deeper, until she could feel his balls slapping on her bum.She arched her back, but he pushed her down.There was no escape ,as he thrusted harder and harder, oblivious to her screams of agony.A momentary thought of guilt flashed through his mind, of the lies he’d told his wife, to have this moment.Determined to make it an occasion worthy of remembrance he pumped her at her with renewed savagery, thinking, what a total slut! He knew he couldn’t last much longer, so began to furiously wank her swollen cock.Worried that her screams were not going to go unoticed for very much longer,he slammed into her for one last time ,forcing her over the chair and held himself rigid as he pumped her ass full of his cum.

She slumped over the chair,her legs quivering as he withdrew.He was concerned now that maybe he’d been a bit too forceful, knowing she’d never taken a cock in her ass before.But she turned, with a foxy grin, and said, is that all?

I was spent and exhausted, yet she just smiled at me and said, is that all? And judging from her still stiff cock, it was clear to me that she was more than able to continue. She smiled at me naughtily, "Close your eyes, don't be shocked Hon". I closed my eyes, and waited until she told me to open them. My eyes popped with surprise. She had a huge black strap on in her hands, quite realistic, black, maybe 10" long. "What do you think??" She showed me how it fitted into a harness, with adjustable straps to secure it to the waist and thighs, adding, "These straps secure the harness to the hips, and then the dildo fits in here. Or, can use it as a hand held."

She was still erect as she added "Hope I haven't shocked you too much. You need to lie down I think"

She led me to the bedroom, put the strap on back into her chest of drawers. As I lay down, my eyes took in her sheer stockings, also her suspenders, stretching slightly as she leant over a bit. She saw me gazing at her still stiff cock, and smiled, adding, "Think it needs some tender loving care from you Hon". She moved over my shoulders gently, her weight resting on her knees, and my tongue ran over the tip of her cock..