Written by TransitMan

18 Apr 2004

He could taste the pre cum and made sure he got every drop, before continuing a leisurely examination of her wsollen member.His hands softly massaged her shaven balls, gently squeezing each in turn.She murmered her appreciation,tightening her grip on him with her stocking clad legs.

He was beginning to get aroused again, as he returned to the end of her cock.He moistened his lips and slowly surrounded her cock.She could feel his tongue moving down her length as more and more of her dissappeared into his hot, greedy mouth.

His hands carressed her legs and thighs.She had her hands entwined in her hair as she pushed forward into his mouth.She gazed in obvious adoration as his lips continued to move up and down on her cock..Leaning forward so that she was directly above him, she reached for her cock and started to wank herself into his willing mouth.She felt his fingers exploring her exposed arse, and spread herself wider to let him on.

Knowing she was on the verge of another orgasm, she pulled out of his mouth, just in time to soak his face with her hot sticky cum.She then lowered herself further still and spread it all around his face with her cock.Lying beside him, her hand moved to his crotch, which she was not surprised hard once more, she nibbled at his ears,and gently blew in them.She kissed his neck, and grasped his cock,murmering in his ear.As she gripped him more tightly, she started to lick the dripping cum from his face.

He felt her tongue all over his face and felt her hand wanking him slowly, but firmly.Her stockinged leg moved over his and the feel of the fabric sliding smoothly over his flesh made his cock throb in her hand.She moved her attentions to his neck,still in search of her cum.His nipples he felt gently gripped by her teeth, teased by her tongue.

She continued to move down on him, kissing,licking, biting and blowing gently on her skin.Finally, she reached his fully erect cock and he opened his legs , thrusting it towards her.She knelt before him, and gripped him like a vice.She reached for a couple of pillows and placed them under his bum.She slid onto her belly and hungrily sucked at the cock elevated before her, her blonde hair teasing his cock.

Reaching out, she showed him a large anal butt plug, which she licked before easing it into her bum.Returning to him, she licked at his balls,sucking and kissing them.

He ran his hands through her hair, pulling her to him.She took him in her mouth and then withdrew.She slid her lips down his length again,her tongue exploring.She paused to wank him and pushed her butt plug further in.

He glanced at the mirror,as she returned to his cock, taking in the image of his fantasy come true.He saw her long stretched legs, the black of her suspenders contrasting with the whiteness of her skin.His eyes feasted on her stockings, consigning to his memory’s hard drive the detail of her stocking tops.

She continued to kiss his cock, wanking him more quickly.She placed her face in front of it as he began to writhe in her hand.Squeezing her bum together,clamped on the plug, she concentrated on making sure she got every drop of him on her face.

When he came, he spurted violently.He saw the smile on her face as gobbetts of goo splashed her,hitting her eyes, nose, cheeks, hair and lips.As he sank back on the pillows, she knelt before him,cock erect again, her hands wiping his hot cum from her face.Wanking herself, she thrust out towards him and with a groan, sent torrents of her own cum over his cock and stomach..

An alarm tinkled.He woke up, saw his still sleeping wife, thinking, if only………….

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