Written by Jen

6 Jan 2004

I used to be quite embarressed by how wet and turned on I got..but had never cum whilst having sex. I'm not a prude, and have shagged half of Merseyside in my attempt to cum with a bloke and not just with my own fingers and toys.

The longer this went on..the dirtier the fantasiesbecame, wanting to be double penetrated, fisted, raped and gang-banged to see if I could cum with anyone but myself. I am no supermodel..only 5ft 3, size12-14 but I do have fantastic tits. I learned how to give the perfect bj and realised that in fucking around, I loved cum. I answered an ad, who promised to cover me, telling me he was a heavy cummer and quick repeater. Again, I was wet just thinking and hoping about it.

I met him in a hotel, and after a couple of drinks, we went to the room. Ihad told him of how dirty my fantasies were and how I loved cum..and he promised me he would have me cumming with what he had in mind

We started to kiss, and very quickly his hands were ripping my clothes off and wandering all over my body. i could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, my body aching to be used and fulfilled. He stopped and looked me in the eye, asking me if I was sure that i wanted to try anything to make me cum, without condoms. i was gasping as I said yes, his fingers were rubbing my clit. He continued to kiss me and rub my clit, up and down, round and round as I reached for the bulge in his trousers. He moved my hand away and told me to wait and continued to strip me until I was naked. He told me to close my eyes and I dutily obliged and he then blindfolded me and told me to stand there with legs apart. I heard what I thought was the door open but quickly forgot about it as he again came to me and began to finger my cunt. Again I reached for his cock and he grabbed both hands and tied them together, asking if i wanted to be a slut he would make cum. Yes I replied, and have never felt so wet before as a third then fourth finger began to fuck my cunt. As he thrust his fingers in me, i felt his tongue inside my thigh, licking slowly upwards before reaching my clit. He told me Iwas a slut as he had never felt anything so wet and I gasped. I had been this close before so wasn't expecting much else when I felt more hands on my body. I gasped again and attempted to speak when someones lips crushed mine. I heard a voice say let the fun begin as I was laid down on the bed. My legs were pulled wide as I felt hands rubbing my nipples and clit. More fingers entered my soaking wet cunt and a cock was thrust in my mouth. I sucked as best I could, licking and sucking hard and deep, feeling balls slap against my face as a cock was thruct into my pussy. My cunt clenched with each thrust as I felt a tongue lick my clit and another bite my nipples. My tits were clenched around a cock as I felt my cunt clench around the huge cock ramming deep and hard into me. i was in heaven, a cock in my cunt, tit fucking someone and sucking a dick at the same time. The cock in my cunt grew as he spunked his load deep in my twat and i came hard for the first time, the second cock exploded in my mouth. i swallowed what felt like a gallon as I was told to kneel on the bed. I flipped over, still shaking from cumming when someone slapped my arse real hard then thrust his cock in deep. I had fucked anally before but never without lube, and never such a big cock. I opened my mouth to protest when another cock entered it. I was been spit roasted and it felt fantastic. The guy in my arse took no mercy and fucked me hard and fast and came deep in my sore arse as the cock in my mouth was removed and sprayed over my face and tits. Someone then began to lick the cum from my face and tits as I felt my clit rubbed fast and furious..I screamed at them to take me , begging them to fuck me and cream me as I came yet again, my cunt clenching and shuddering. Iwas still kneeling with my arse in the air as I felt fingers entering my twat. It hurt at first as the fist slowly entered me and I could barely breathe but began to relax as someone began to suck my clit. I could feel the cum squelching out of me as my cunt was fisted and I began to climax again as a cock was thrust in my mouth. That afternoon I was fucked senseless in every hole, I lost count of the times, before I heard the door open again and then my blindfold removed. I then opened my eyes to see just the guy I met standing there smiling

I'm not sure how many I fucked that afternoon but at least I know that I can cum...and that the dirtier the better