Written by Richard Comperton

5 Jan 2006

I had always found the gym to be one of those chore things that you do out of habit, however my recent experience has changed my view. My job meant that I had a day off during the week, the gym was okay then because it wasnt so busy. I had a standard workout and then always into the sauna area, which had a sauna, steam room and tanning room.

On this particular day I got to the sauna and put loads of water on the coals to make it hot, on a normal day I would have sat there alone, however I had already seen someone go into the tanning room next door and expected them to join me, instead three young girls came in and tried to go into the tanning room, they were all wearing bikini's and carrying towels.

Having not got access to the tanning room they joined me in the sauna, one asked if I had seen anyone go into the tanning room and I confirmed I had seen someone go in five minutes earlier. The girls were saying how hot it was and mentioned how much I was sweating then one girl said it made my body glisten.

The chat then started to get saucy, and one of the girls offered to rub the sweat from me, I jokingly agreed thinking nothing of it, but she opened her legs and told me to sit with my back to her, she was gently wiping the sweat from my body and it was a real turn on. The one of the other two girls sat on the lower seat and were wiping the sweat from my legs, I felt a rising in my swimming trunks.

I asked if I could return the favour and the girl behind me said yes, we swapped positions and I was enjoying caressing her body. My cock was now rock hard and she put her hand behind her back to feel it. The other girls now got back on the top seat and were taking it in turns stroking my cock through my trunks. At this point we heard the door of the tanning room open and shut so we shuffled into a decent position and I covered my throbbing bulge with a towel.

The lady saw us in the sauna and went straight to the changing rooms, to my amazement the girl who I had been stroking took my hand and led me to the door, back in minute girls she said and with this we went into the tanning room, it was small but did have a chair, we towelled each other off and started snogging, I was quick to untie her bikini top and release her pert tits, I sucked on them like my life depended on it, my cock was still eager for action and she lowered herself and took it in her mouth, for a young girl she knew what she was doing, eventually I pulled her up and lowered myself to her bikini bottoms, they slid down easily as we were both sweating again, I slid my fingers in and out of her and she was loving it, she then pulled away and put her hands on the wall, I took this as an invite and slid my cock in her from behind. I was thrusting away and she was making fantastic noises, suddenly the door opened and one of the other girls said my turn, I pulled out and turned to the other girl, she had already removed her bikini, she was a slightly chubby girl but had fantastic tits, I had a little play with them but just wanted to enter her, she sat me on the seat and lowered herself onto me, she was bouncing away and the first girl was at the door fingering herself. I wanted to come but was hoping the third girl would enter, the was a knock on the door and she did come in. She was the smallest of the girls, very petite and looked somewhat nervous, the other girls just said to her go on. I quickly removed her bikini, her hand was on my knob and I thought it would explode, the lid of the tanning machine was closed and I put a towel on it and laid her gently on it, I was in her like a flash, I'm afraid there was not time for foreplay here. She was a very lightweight girl and seemed to be enjoying the experience, having fun said one of the other girls, yes I replied, and with that the two other girls started snogging, I was enjoying my sex and the site of the other two kissing and touching each other pushed me to the point. I pulled out and fired my load all over the floor which then floated on the sweat we had left. We all laughed and I left to return to the sauna, the girls came out about ten minutes later, waved at me as they passed the sauna, unfortunately I haven't seen them again.