Written by Paul Carol

21 Nov 2006

The Travelling Fair was in Town. I was out enjoying the new faces when I bumped into an old friend. She was out doing the same as me. She was wearing a knee length skirt and nice frilly blouse. I could see her uplifting bra underneath. We got chatting and ended up hanging out together the rest of the evening.

After going on a few rides we went to a pub for some drinks. After what seemed ages we left the pub and walked back to her place. We had to cross through a school to get there. Once inside the grounds and away from prying eyes she pulled me round and pushed her hand up against my crotch. At the same time probing my mouth with her tongue. I had my hands on her tight arse, playing with her firm cheeks. She was rubbing my growing cock through my jeans. I began to knead her ample tits, hardening her nipples in the process. One of my hands descended to her pussy. I felt the wetness through her skirt. I lifted it up and placed my fingers on her wet pussy lips. I began to massage her fanny, sinking two fingers, then three into her. She was moaning all the while. My hand was dripping wet from her fanny juices.

She grabbed hold of my jeans and ripped the buttons open, revealing my throbbing thick, solid cock. She pulled my boxers over the head and began to wank me slowly as she sucked and licked the bulbous end. My juices were flowing out into her mouth. I started to face fuck her, pushing my thick shaft deep into her throat. She took it expertly, not gagging, but taking the whole length. My pubes were right up against her face as she sucked harder on my pulsating member. I had hold of her head with both hands as I continued to pound her throat. I could feel my seed beginning to build up in my shaft. I shouted that I was about to let my load go. She just continued to suck and chew on my cock as I felt my hot thick liquid shoot from my swollen glands. She was swallowing every last drop. I could see her throat gulping the hot salty fluid. I pulled my cock from her throat and as I did so she licked the shaft clean.

We tidied ourselves up and continued the walk back to her place. Once inside a couple of drinks were poured and we talked about what had just happened. She wasn't finished there! She stood up in front of me and began giving me a fantastic sexy lap dance. My cock immediately sprung into action. She sensed this and got even more provocative. She was lying in front of me playing with her clit, rubbing it to attention. Pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy. I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted to fuck her there and then. I began to rip my jeans off but she stopped me. Wait. Come with me she said. And we ended up in the back garden. There was a garden table half way down. She walked up to it and lay face down. I could see here glistening pussy from the glow of the house lights. My cock was aching. After just having unloaded my seed down her throat she was lying there waiting for me to bury my shaft into her pussy. I kicked her legs further apart. Her pussy lips parted slightly. I held her down with one hand while my other hand had hold of my solid shaft, pushing it to the right angle to enter her hot cunt. I watched in the light as my swollen glands pushed into her pussy. Her lips enveloping my cock head as it entered her. I heard her moan out loud as I continued to let her have the remaining length. My pubes were pushing up against her arse as I fucked her hard and deep. I grabbed hold of her hips to allow me to penetrate her pussy even more deeply. She shouted out for more. I pulled my shaft from her and ordered her to turn over. She did so and I put her legs up against my chest as I approached her once again with my aching throbbing cock. This time I let her take the whole shaft in one go. She gasped as I sunk inside her. I pounded her pussy hard and fast. She was shouting and screaming as I continued. I could feel her pussy tighten round my shaft as she gushed her cum juices over my shaft. I felt my balls tighten as I unleashed my load of hot relish into her.

As I pulled my cock from her I noticed a nice cream pie appear. Our juices were running out of her pussy and down her arse. She quickly put her hand there and mopped up what she could and pressed her hand to her mouth. Licking every last drop. She then placed my flaccid cock in her mouth and cleaned that up too!

After that we went back inside and continued with our drinks...