Written by A happy husband

18 Oct 2006

We had decided to have our long time friends Babs and Bill over for a meal, just a meal, a drink and that's it. But the evening went differently. We had a lovely meal and retred to the living room, Babs and Bill sat on the three seater, Sue and I sat on the single seaters opposite. The drink was flowing well and I must admit I was giving the girls larger than normal measures. Maybe too large, as Babs fell asleep after about hour. We drank and spoke for about another 90 minutes and I could sense my wife starting to get quite tipsy. I suggested to Bill that they should stay the night, as we had a spare room with 2 single beds in it, he said that sounded great and we carried Babs up stairs.

In the bedroom we all helped to undress Babs and get her into bed, you couldn't help but notice that her pussy had been shaved and looked really quite tasty. When we had put Babs to bed, I suggested that we should change into the bathrobes and go back downstairs for a nightcap. Sue and I went through to our bedroom and stripped off. I thought I would ahve a bit of fun and said that I had noticed Bill continually looking up Sue's skirt and that I thought he fancied her. Sue was quite amused by this and I suggested that instead of putting a robe on, that she should wear her satin shorty nightdress. I left her to get changed and went back to the living room, where Bill was sat in his bathrobe.

I said to Bill that I thought Sue had been eyeing him up all evening. He said he hadn't noticed, but would keep an eye on her and asked what he should do. I said follow my lead. Before Sue came back in, I put her empty glass onto the floor beside her chair, and put bill's glass on the floor next to him. I arranged Bill's robe so that when Sue bent over she would see his prick. I then went through to the kitchen.

Sue came in and sat down. I shouted through for her to bring the glasses for a top up. She moved to the centre of the room opposite Bill and noticed her glass on the floor, she turned round and bent over to pick it up, revealling her beautiful bottom and what seemed to be a damp looking pussy. She walked over to Bill bent over to pick up the glass and not only gave Bill a fantastic via down her cleavage, but caught sight of his prick, which had already started to rise to the occassion.

Sue brought the glasses through to the kitchen and told me what she'd seen. I asked her if she realised that Bill had also seen what she had to offer. She seemed a little embarrassed at first, but after I fingered her hole, started to enjoy the attention she was getting from Bill. We went back into the living room and sat down, Sue directly opposite Bill, pulled her knees up, pretending to cover any private parts, but obviously her neat little pussy was on full show. I brought up the subject of Babs and her shaved pussy,Sue doesn't shave her pussy even though I have been asking her to do for years, and asked Bill if he liked shaved pussy, to which he answered, of course they're so smooth and sexual. We finished our drink and proceeded upstairs. Bill went into his room and Sue went into the bathroom, with me right behind. I asked what she thought of Bill's attention and she said she was really turned on by, but never having been with anyone else but me, was a bit uncertain as to where this would go. I told her that if she wanted to take it further she should take the nightie off and take it from there, I then left her in the bathroom to wash etc. I then went into Bill's room, he was at this in bed. I asked him if he fancied doing anything with Sue, he said he would love to. We have one of these touch lights in the bedroom. I remove the bulb and suggested that when Sue came out of the bathroom, Bill should shout her as she passed in the dark to help him operate the light. He should then take it from there.

Sue came out of the bathroom and Bill shouted her through to have a look at the light. She went to the bedside light and could not get it to work saying that it must be switched off at the socket and leaned the bedside table. With this Bill placed his hand on her bottom and made a comment on how nice it felt. I now managed to pop my head round the door to see how things were progressing, only to see my totally naked wife having her arse felt by my best friend. His hands then progressed to my wifes 34dd tits, which I must admit are an assett. tweaking her nipples and listening to the light groans from Sue, he moved down to her pussy, where he started to work on her. He invited her to get into the bed with him and to my suprise, she did just that. Two minutes later the quilt was thrown back and Bill was on top of Sue pumping away. She was moaning with sheer delight as they both came together.

Sue got out of bed and was heading to our room, I quickly got there before and she pulled the clothes back and jumped on top of me, grabbed hold of my prick and inserted it into her really wet pussy. She rode me until we both came. When Sue dismounted me I noticed that she had shaved her pussy, I asked why and she said thatBill had previously said that he preferred a shaved pussy and she was determined to have the best possible experience with him. After a while just lying there she suggested that I should now go and screw Babs, since she's missed out on all the action. I went though, told Bill that I would like to screw Babs and he said go ahead and do it. Just as I got my prick deep into Babs tight litlle fanny, I heard the bedroom door close, obviously Bill was going to give Sue another good screwing. Sue was really pleased that Bill and Babs came over, as instead of just being screwed once, which is the norm, she was screwed 4 times and lost count of the number of orgasms she had.

This was a wonderful experience for both Sue and myself and we look forward to doing it again.