Written by Educated Sue

19 Oct 2006

I was was going away on business, but Sue had promised to go to a fund raising bash at a local club. Normally I would go with her, but on this occasion could not. I suggested that she should be accompanied, but she said she would be OK on her own. I said that I would be happier if she took someone with her, because if she gets too much to drink she needs to be looked after. After much persuasion she agreed, providing she could choose who to take. I agreed and was happy that she would be well looked after. And was she looked after. I left in the morning and she took me to the airport, what happened next are in Sue's own words.

I went home to get ready for the evening fund raiser, I ran a nice foam bath and soaked for almost an hour, playing with myself as I fantisised about what may happen that evening. I then did my hair and makeup, spraying myself all over with a perfum men love. I decided to wear a long dress that had a low front and back and was very clingy. I wondered whether or not to wear underwear and decided not to wear anything. As I was putting on my dress the phone went and it was my date for the evening Bill, who had screwed me stupid afew nights ago. He asked what I was putting on and I told him just a dress and a smile. He said that was great and he would wear as little as possible too, bearing in mind this was a black tie do.

He came over to the house right on time, just before the taxi arrived and said that I looked good enough to eat and gave me a peck on the cheek. I was a bit disappointed, as I thought I would at least get a passionate reuniting kiss. The taxi arrived and we left for the do. It was a fantastic evening, I got pleasantly tipsy, taking away my inhibitions. We danced the last dance, which of course was a smooch, and then it happened, his hands were all over me, his tongue was trashing about in my mouth and I could feel him getting really hard.

Our return taxi arrived and we got in the back seat. We were in a clinch within seconds, with his hands working over my tits and then moving up my legs to my newly shaved pussy, I came within seconds as his fingers did their work. I unzipped his trousers, to find that he had no pants on, but found a beautifully hard cock, which I lovingly took in my mouth. He was just about to come when we arrived at a night club we'd decided to go to, a bit of a seedy one, a nocking shop. We had a drink and then were up on the dance floor. It was late and there were only one other couple in the place and they were preoccupied. Once again his hands were all over me and he hitched my dress up so that the the front was now high enough to reveal my yearning cunt. With one hand under my ase he lifted me up and with the other he slipped his big hot cock into me, it went deep into me, it was fantastic. Here I am in a sleazy club being screwed on the dancefloor by this guy who is not my husband. It was mind blowing. We then moved to a dark corner of the club sat down and I gave hime a blow job that blew his mind. We thengot a taxi home. We went into the house and before we hit the stairs, he had my dress off. He carried me upstairs and placed me on the king size bed. He quickly removed his clothes and got in beside me. He started kissing me and then worked his tongue down to my tits and my nipples were sticking out like chapel hat pegs, he moved down to my now soaking pussy, where he gave me the best licking I had ever had. I decided that enough was enough and got on top of him, sitting up so he could fondle my tits. It felt so good, I was almost there when, the phone went and it was my husband John, asking how the fundraiser at the club had gone. You can imagine the scene, here I am riding Bill like an idiot and trying to talk to John at the same time. I think even then he knew what was happening. The minute I put the phone down I orgasmed like I'd never done before. Bill and I made love all night, it was fantastic and I even allowed him to put his finger up my arse, which I would never allow John to do. This relationship with Bill will centainly continue and we are now working on ways off setting up John and Babs, Bill's wife. I'll let you know what happens then.