Written by Paul

27 Nov 2007

So, at my office we share a building with several other ompanies, all on different floors. We have to share the same lifts to get to our respective floors.

Last week, on one really rainy day I got in the lift, followed by two very attractive women who worked for the company on the top floor. They were both about 25 - 30 - and slim, very fit and healthy looking, as I have said, very attractive,. They both had long black coats on, and peeping out from underneath black heeled boots - they were damp from the rain, and their hair, both straight long haired brunettes, was also a bit damp. As they got in I was standing there in my suit, like them a bit wet, but shaking my umbrella off. They came in giggling, really cute, and the doors of the lift closed....

As we started the lights flickered and the lift jolted and came to a sudden stop between floors - and the lights went dim. It went very quiet for a second, and then one of them said, "oh God I think we may be stuck". She then linked arms with the other and said 'I'm a bit scared'.

I immediately started 'don't worry I am sure the lift will get going again soon', and I frantically pressed the buttons.

The lift didn't start and soon it was clear we could be in there a while - the air was quite steamy as we were all a bit damp.

I said, "don't worry, we'll be fine just have to wait".

Well, they looked at each other, and both started giggling again, then turned to me, looked me in the eye, and one said ' not sure how we will make the time go now, and I am getting a bit clammy and hot', She took off her coat, to reveal her office attire, a long black pencil skirt, high boots, crisp white tight blouse with a cardigan thrown loosley across it - and her friend ruffled off her coat to reveal, black trousers, high boots and pin striped black and white blouse.

As tehy took there coats off and I saw just how fit they were I started to get really hot under the collar, they were gorgeous and I was stuck in a lift with the two of them.

I think they noticed, and one of them reached over and touh my suit to see how wet it was. 'Why don;t you get out of your damp suit?' - 'what, you want me to get undressed here?', 'Why not, nothing else to do' - so I did, and by the time I had my trousers down, my white boxer shorts could not conceal how excited I was.....