Written by sandeep

13 Nov 2004

I was on way back from New york to Japan , 16 hrs flight. I was in middle row 5 seats. I am 40 year old married attractive lady . There were four young boys next to me. I was in middle.Two boys on either side. During night when lights were off, I said to boy next to me I need to stretch myself is it possible. Boy one said , of course possible.We will make you comfortable. All of them said please sleep on our lap.I was so tired that I agreed not knowing what will happen next.I got up and all four boys made themself comfortable on 5 seats removing seat separation bars. I selpt on their lap on my belly. They tucked me with blanket. As soon as I was under blanket , Boy no.1 lefted himself lettle bit and eased his shorts down.He was not wearing any underwear. His semi hard cock was touching my mouth. Boy no 1 said.. go ahead suck it you Indian lady .I opened my mouth and his thick cock was in my mouth. As I was sucking BOY 1 cock which was hard by now, others boys opened my sari and blouse . And with 5 minutes I was naked under the blanket. All other boys lowered their shorts. Boy 2 was rubbing his hard cock on my tits. Boy 3 had his 10 inches cock burried in my cunt . and boy 4 had his big one rubbing against my feet.I felt full , I really sucked hard on boys 1 cock as boy 3 fucked me.Soon boy 1 and boy 3 came and I really enjoyed and felt fucked after long time. I thought I can get some sleep now, but no way , they changed position and I sucked BOY 2 as boy 4 fucked me. Throughout the flight I sucked as I got fucked.Just before reaching Japan I dressed myself and thanked 4 young boys for fucking me nicely .I met my husband at airport and he give me nice hug at airport as Four boys waved and winked at me.