Written by MQ

11 Nov 2004

We had talked about it for a while and decided we wanted to try introducing a little excitement by bringing in another man. So Adam and I invited Dan to come round one evening. Adam had told Dan of my fantasy and he was really keen to help me fulfil it. Around 7.30 Adam and Dan arrived and I invited them in. Dan grinned at me and Adam produced a video tape from under his jacket, winking at me.

I got some drinks and Adam put the video on. I handed out the drinks and sat down between the two men on the sofa. The movie was an especially hardcore porn film with two gorgeous well hung guys pleasuring a large breasted woman - just as I wanted it! the action soon got hot and heavy on screen and Adam slipped his hand around to rub my nipples over my top, while Dan stroked my thigh, slowly pushing my skirt up. I turned around and laid on the sofa with my head on Adams lap and my legs on Dans. Adam pulled my top off and unfastened my bra and Dan looked at my heavy breasts appreciatively. Dans hands slid up my thighs and under my skirt. I had a pair of lace pants on and he slipped his fingers into the side of the now-damp lace to rub my pussy. Adams hands were massaging my tits and flicking and squeezing my nipples. I moaned in pleasure, it felt soooo good to have four hands pleasuring me all over.

Then Adam got up and unfastened his jeans, letting his cock fall out, swollen and rigid. He knelt next to my head so I could take him in my mouth. Dan shifted round to pull my skirt and pants off and took his own jeans off. He was wearing a well-filled pair of Calvins and I ogled his bulge and neat arse which I had been dying to grope for ages. Dan knelt down in line with my crotch and watched his own fingers play with my pussy, slipping them in and out and rubbing my clit. I moaned an bucked my hips towards his attentive fingers and pulled Adams cock closer so I could lick and nibble it. I flicked his cock head with my tongue, making him shiver and grunt with pleasure and I looked down at Dan with a twinkle in my eye as he looked up and watched me fellating his best mate while he played with me. Dans face was pure lust and he lunged his head down into my crotch and started to lap at my clit. I bucked into his face, gasping and sucking harder on Adams pulsating erection. I could feel a wave come over me as my orgasm swept through my body and I ground my pussy against Dans face, crying out loud. Adam pulled his cock out of my mouth and gasped as he cum over my tits, rubbing his sticky cock against my nipples.

I laid back for a minute to get my breath back and the two guys grinned at each other and swigged their drinks. Dan still had his boxer shorts on and there was a little damp patch at the end of his bulge which was threatening to burst the stitching. I sat up, looked at them both with a cheeky grin and slinked out of the living room and up the stairs, looking back at them to make sure they were following. Of course they did and I was sat on the edge of the bed waiting. As Dan walked towards me I grabbed him and pulled him towards me so his groin was level with my head. I pulled his shorts off and took his cock in my mouth. Adam sat on a chair by the bed watching me lap his mates dick like it was a lollipop. 'Enjoying that babe?' he asked, I just looked and winked, my mouth too full to say anything. Adam grinned and sat back, stroking his cock back to full strength.

Dan pulled back as I felt his cock start to twitch, he was almost cumming but decided to hold back a while. He pushed me back on the bed and I laid there with my legs wide apart. He stroked my soaking pussy with his fingers, commenting on how sexy I looked. 'Do you want to fuck her?' Adam asked Dan. It was a silly question but it got me even more turned on as Dans eyes locked with mine and he muttered 'oh yes' in a husky sex-ravaged voice. I was amazed as Adam opened a condom and slipped it onto his mates dick. Dan stood there, obviously too turned on to care that it was his best mate touching it. Adam slowly stroked the condom onto Dans cock, with an extra little stroke just for good measure, then gestured to him to feel free to take me. He leaned over me and slipped his cock into my pussy, amazingly I was still tight even after Dans fingers being in there and I felt a slightly uncomfortable but not unpleasant stretching sensation. We ground our crotches together and I looked round to Adam who was stroking his cock slowly and thoroughly enjoying the sight of his mate fucking me.

Adam got up and climbed onto the bed next to us. He kissed me deeply then covered my neck and tits in kisses. His hand wandered down to my clit and he started rubbing me while Dan pounded inside. He suckled hard on my nipples, making them stick out unnaturally and I couldn't tell which sensation was driving me crazy more! I felt another huge orgasm building up and I screamed out loud as it overwhelmed me and I felt as though I had gone to another world. Dan was finally overcome by the urge to cum and he grunted loudly and hammered into me as he shot his spunk inside me.

The two guys swapped around and I laid on my side. Adam laid behind me and slid into my pussy while Dan laid in front of me. I was sandwiched between two sexy horny men!! Dan kissed and caressed me while Adam slowly started to pump into me. Dan stroked me all over, taking in every inch of my body and kissing me deeply, our tongues winding around each other and lips pressing so hard we couldn't get any closer. Adams hand slipped around and took hold of my breast, flicking and rolling the nipple in his fingers while Dan bent down to lick it. I wrapped my arms around Dan and stroked his back and his tight little arse, squeezing it and digging my nails in as Adams cock increased its speed. Dan moved up so I could take his cock in my mouth, it was almost rock hard again and I wrapped my arms around so I could grip his arse as I sucked and licked his cock. Adams hand reached round to rub my clit as he ground into me and as I felt a third orgasm sweep over me, Adam rammed his cock hard into me, I tensed my pussy tightly around it and we both cum. Dan wasn't far behind as the sound of us both gasping and groaning and the sensations of my mouth around his cock overwhelmed him and his cum came shooting out.

The three of us fell back onto the bed gasping for breath and almost passing out from exertion, the room was hot and sticky and reeked of sex and we exchanged looks, huge grins, then I got up and poured some more drinks.................