Written by C&A

28 Mar 2006

It all happen so quickly, at first a fantasy and now reality. C had eventually agreed to go out with the boys and girls from work and knowing Steve fancied her would offer to give him a lift home and seduce him.

Steve was a young 26 compared to my wife (42), they had been flirting at work and the emails and txt had got very saucy. Friday evening came round and as she dressed asked my opinion. I, like most guys, said black bra, throng with matching black hold ups, high heels, tight black skirt and tight top would have him gagging for it. I certainly was.

She left at 7:30 to meet up and I spent the whole night wondering what would happen. At 11:45 I went to bed with a raging hard on, I wanted to save it for when C got home.

Within minutes I heard the car pull up and her heels clip clop across the drive and into the house. I held my breath as she climbed the stairs and opened the bedroom door.

She looked all ruffled but still sexy. I then noticed her knickers in her hand and she grinned. What had she done?

I asked her to get in bed and she stripped off leaving just her stockings on. I could smell sex on her and it made my cock twitch. I entered her straight away and groaned, my cock twitching and throbbing inside her.

I asked her to tell me what she had done, every detail.

Steve had been all over her that night and when she suggested that she give him a lift home he jumped at the chance. During the drive home he started to stroke her legs, asking if she really had got hold ups on. They parked up in a quite lane and both got in the back.

He had his hand on her tits within seconds, her top pushed up and bra unclipped. Their mouths met in a passionate kiss and he travelled down to suck and bite her tits. She said he was a bit rough and she liked it after the initial shock. I would normal try and stroke her gently, Steve had different ideas, he wanted her and wanted her now.

He had his mouth on her tits and his hand travelled up her thigh, pushing her skirt up and legs apart. Without warning, in one movement her pants were pulled to one side and his fingers were probing her wet pussy. Soon he had two fingers inside her, his thumb rubbing her clit.

Taken by surprise at first, C now thought about his cock. She undid his jeans, pulled it out and took hold of it. It was thinker than mine and a little bit longer. She started to wank it and rub his balls. His fingers were starting to press the right button, but he then stopped.

Again, without a warning he guided Cs face towards his hard cock. She felt she had to suck it, no question.

She placed her lips around his cock end and was pushed down onto his shaft. It felt warm and salty from the pre cum and she started to give him a blow job, his hands on her head, pushing and pumping, almost gagging her. She felt him stiffen and relax his grip.

She stopped sucking and pulled away, too late. Spurt after spurt of hot cum shot from his swollen knob end, spraying her on the tits, neck, all over her clothes and over him.

He just laughed, Cs face must have been a picture. She pulled off her knickers and wiped up most of what she could while he dressed himself.

He kissed her gently and said he was sorry for the rush but had been wanting to get his hands on her for weeks. C arranged for a more private meeting the next week, Tuesday was agreed and they parted.

I was in heaven as she told me this. I shot my load into her as she told me how she took his cock in her mouth.

C will meet Steve next week and they will have a few hours together, what a lucky pair of lucky lads we both are.

The next instalment will follow shortly.