Written by sj

4 May 2004

i had often wondered what it would be like to watch my wife being fucked by two well hung studs. i had wondered if i would be jealous, if i would hate it or love it. i had shared this fantasy with her and at first she was surprised that i would even think of thing's like that, but slowly we introduced the idea into our love making as just being dirty talk. i would ask after she'd been out with her friends if she had pulled and she used to pretend that she had and give a full blow by blow account. that in it's self just blew my mind and the sex was fantastic but afterwards i would start to feel jealous, even though it was onlt fantasy. one night i had finished work early as the kids were at their grandparents and she had said that she was going to give me a good seeing to if i got home early. needless to say i had been eager to sat he least about getting home early. she, as was usual on a friday night when i was working, had gone out with her mates clubbing. as i drove down the street i noticed a strange car parked on the drive, so i parked just down the road and wallked home. as i went into the house i could hear voices from upstairs, male voices and the missus giggling. i was shocked, but strangely arroused. i crept upstairs and peeked around the door. there she was, half naked with two fully naked men in front of her, sucking her nipples. one had his hand down her little white panties, rubbing her pussy. she had both hands full, to say the least, with what can only be described as porn star size cocks. they were huge. the one was at least 10 inches and the other was about the same but thicker. she was wanking them both off slowly and then she saw me and just said " hello love, surprise, surprise ". she then said " i thought i would bring these 2 home for a bit more fun ". " a bit more fun? " i said. " they've already fucked me senseless at the local swingers club " she said " and now i'm going to fuck them senseless in front of you and your going to watch the lot. as you can see they're big lads so you should enjoy this. now sit down over there and no fiddling with that little knob of yours unless i say so " . i was so shocked i just did what she said and for the first few minutes all i could think of was how long has she been going to a swingers club. i didn't even notice that i had a hard on like never before. i suddenly came to my senses and started to watch, it was amazing watching the 3 of them on our bed as she took both cocks and in turn sucked them, even though she struggled to get the one in her mouth. she just kept glancing at me and winking or smiling, then on all fours she pointed her pussy towards me and i could see it was so wet and it had already been well fucked as it's usually quite tight but there was something about it that just meant it had already had a cockful and a half. the one lad who was to big for her mouth quite frankly got up and came around the back, this i had to see so i moved round and watched in amazement as he slowly slid that huge dick into her soaking wet pussy. she let out a sqeal of pleasure and he started to fuck her slowly at first and then quicker and quicker, each time going deeper and deeper. he;d got about 8 of his 10 inches in her and she was moaning with pleasure like i'd never heard before and then i noticed that the other lad she was sucking off had now got all his cock in her mouth, talk about deep throat, and her head was going up and down franticly taking every inch in her mouth. if he was bigger i'm sure she would have took that as well. she then took the cock out of her mouth and screamed " fuck me harder you bastard. put it all in. god i love big cocks, come on fuck me harder ". this went on for what seemed like a eternity. ( what it must be like to be young again!!!) and then she stopped with a earth shattering orgasm and told the 2 lads lie down end to end and move towards each other so their cocks were right next to each other. what happened next i still don't believe, but she took hold of both manhood and held them together whilst slowly sliding down on top. she took them both in her pussy. wow, what a girl!!!. she then fucked them for about 20 minutes, having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. the bed was soaked. then she turned to me and said come over here and lie down. i hadn't a clue what she had in mind, but i just did as she said. she then told the 2 lads to stand up and leam agaist the wall, standing on the bed, then she sat over me and ordered me to lick her pussy out while all the time i could see her sucking these 2 huge dicks above me. i then felt her coming again as i teased her clit with my tongue and as she climaxed she lost all control of her bladder and wet herself all over my face. i had never known antthing like it before and it was great as at the same time the 2 lads came and squirted hot cum all over her tit's and face. the 3 of them just collapsed in a heap, but i just wanted more. the 2 lads went home and left the 2 of us alone. " you were right about the surprise, i've never known you to be like that. it's great" ." i havn't finished yet" she said and she grabbed hold of my cock and started to suck it slowly. " i can taste your cum " she said. i must have been leaking with excitement and to fuck that pussy was heaven itself. we made love for the next 2 hours and i must say, the next time the kids are out for the weekend, we both know where were going....swinging.