Written by C Antwait

2 Mar 2006

It had long been a fantasy of mine to see my wife get fucked by another man. You see, prior to us getting married seven years ago, she had an affair with another man who, in her words, “made me cum like a waterfall”, something I had never done. Don’t get me wrong, our sex life was not bad, but any parent knows that when kids arrive, the sex life changes and therefore it never seems to be the same as when you are courting. Anyway, one night whilst making love, I initiated a confession session. For some reason, my sixth sense had said my wife has always had something to hide.

“Darling”, I proposed,” have you ever fucked anybody that I don’t know of”

“Why do you ask”, see examined,

“Well, every time I mention I want to see another cock slide up your pussy, you get really horny and wet, why?”

“Promise you won’t leave me?” she asked

“Course not, you are the only one for me and I want you to be happy”

“Yes, I did have someone else, before we were married and he made me cum like a waterfall”, she started, “but although I like sex with you, I want some more dick and when you talk dirty, it turns me on”.

At first I was jealous, but after a few minutes, my feeling turned to anticipation that this may be the time for her to take some extra marital dick. To see her take someone else’s cock, like she did his. To see her scream with delight has he floods her well used fuck hole with his seed would be so exiting. For me to then slide in her after she has been used by her lover and add my cum to his would be great. To make her cum like a waterfall on my dick and make it go white with matted juices would be the final destination. How could I make it safely happen?

My mind started to work over time, and after the fuck, I immediately logged on and started searching for swinger sites. Swinging heaven eventually came up. I logged in my details and placed a small add along with a photo of my wife opening her legs ready for me to fuck her, from a previous session. My wife fell asleep, and has our computer is downstairs, I would be able to communicate via email should any takers like to “fuck her for me”

Immediately, I got a reply from a guy in Scotland “wow, she looks good. Wanking over her photo now thinking about licking that juicy pussy preparing it for my dick” the guy emailed

At first, I was apprehensive to reply however I raised the courage “Can I watch”, I replied. Within an instant the guy replied “I would love to fuck her style and cum in her deep, I would then watch you fuck her used vagina and your cock go white with mixed fuck juice whilst I und the front and let your wife lick my cock back to life”.

Oh my god. This is my chance. The next day I told my wife I had found a site and a guy in Scotland would fuck her in front of me. “Let’s do it” She said. “I can’t wait to take another dick and let you fuck me after. I want to cum on your dick sweetie and it’s the only way I think its going to happen. I might want you to fuck my arse whilst hes up there, would you?”

Our married sex life is going through the roof. In May we are going to Scotland on holiday and I will watch my wife fuck a stranger for the first time ever. We both cant wait. Look out for the sequel after May 17th