Written by Alan Ann

9 Jan 2005

Me and my wife Ann we are both 45 have always had an average sex life nothing exciting untill one night after a lot to drink we talked about fantasies I confessed I would like to watch her have sex with somebody else there was a short silence and she replied ok somebody about 70 75 or an 18 year old preferably the 18 year old I was very surprised by her answer but it also made me tingle inside the next day when we were sober I asked her again she looked a bit embarased and said yes why not but with a complete stranger away from hear we have 3 children the eldest being 25 and do not want to embarss theme that evening I posted an add on this sight for an 18 year old after some time wasters I found one I spoke to him on the phone he seamed ok so I met him alone he looked a good decent lad and most of all clean he said he was very nervous and had not done this before neither have we I said I told him about my wife she is 45 had 3 children a little over weight not much small to medium breasts her bum droops a bit and all I want to do is watch ok he said but no cameras no videos we arranged to book into a hotel on the following friday and he would come on saturday afternoon on the pretence of being our son on the saturday morning my wife and I were very nervous in an erotic kind of way and soon started drinking to calm down a bit as it got nearer the time my wife went and had a shower and put on an hotel bath robe when the phone rang it made us both jump I answerd the receptionist said your son is in reception send him up I replied both of us trembled with anticipation my wife went into the bedroom and took a bottle of wine with her when I answerd the door he looked quite frightend come in I said dont worry there was a strong smell of alcohol on his breath he was as worried as us will you have a shower and put on a robe I asked as he did I went back to my wife she was trembling ok I asked she nodded I felt between her legs she was very wet as the young lad came out of the bathroom I led my wife out they just nodded at each other and stood toe to toe he looked at me I nodded he reached out and undid the belt on my wifes robe I knew she was naked under that and my erection was massive he opend the robe and slid it off her shoulders it fell to the floor leaving her naked with this teenager her nipples were erect and he slowly ran his fingers over theme then leaning over to slowly caress theme with his tongue putting his hand on her bottom and gently stroking her he moved away took off his robe and they moved into the bedroom she lay on the bed legs open he moved his head between her legs and began to lick her fanny my wife moaned with pleasure he moved up her body kissing all the time and slowly inserted his average size cock into her this is what I wanted to see slowly in and out and I could see everything he got faster and faster my wifes pleasure increased till her orgasm took over her body he stopped and turned her onto her hands and knees and enterd her from behind and started pumping again and fondling her tits at the same time then he licked his finger and shoved it up her arse this only seamed to increase her pleasure he took his cock out of her fanny and slowly and gently put it up her arse and gradually started to get faster and faster her tits now swinging freely again her orgasm made wimper and he shot his load up her arse they callapsed onto the bed he got up and went and had a shower and I got on my wife and shot my load in seconds the best afternoons sex ever