Written by Nancy's husband

19 Aug 2004

My wife comes so many times when we're in bed that it's incredible. She's 5'4" and 120 lbs, with beautiful legs, small mouth with perfect lips, a lovely ass, tight cunt that fits like a silken glove. Her breasts have nipples of a deep brown-pink that are huge and when they're hard they poke out invitingly through whatever she's wearing. But the thing that gets her attention are her eyes. If ever there were bedroom eyes, she has them. I've seen guys almost mesmerized staring into them. In all these years of being married she's only been fucked by me, yet the fantasy that makes her come so hard she almost passes out is having someone else join us. I love to tell her how cock-crazy she would be if she had a stranger unzipping his jeans just as she's cumming.

The thought sends her into spasms of ecstacy where she cums over and over for so long that you think she could never cum again.

She's ready to try, ready is the wrong word, she's literally dying to try. I know what she'll do when she makes her fantasy into reality. I want you to think of her standing in front of you, just before you touch. You'll be younger than me, fit, and with at least 8 inches uncut straining against your jeans as you look into her eyes and realize that as you fuck her and she looks at you you're going to cum yourself like you've never cum before. Her eyes will milk your cock, her cunt will be tight and hot around your length but it's looking into her eyes that will do it to you.

She'll be so excited, so incredibly horny, like a virgin with all the experience of a slut about to be released. The first guy she fucks will half to be driven off her. I don't know if she'll want to suck on you first, open your pants and draw your cock out across her tongue, her mouth is so tight and perfect but she blows me like a pro, she never stops, deep in her mouth one second until I'm ready to shoot, and suddenly her tongue and lips are all over my length and balls, then back to take me deep again, laying hard on her tongue.

I've never described her before to anyone, but I know she wants to have a wild night of letting the fantasy control her. I love the way she cums, I've made her cum a dozen times to my once or twice, yet everytime she cums she puts me as close to the edge as I can get. She's a dream fuck, you'll want to fuck her every way you can just so you can think of her eyes this time as you burst into her cunt or mouth, then fuck her again looking at her huge tits with the beautiful rose brown nipples loving your tongue. Or watch her while she strokes herself to a wild orgasm while talking about your cock. Or her legs, which are silky smooth, not a blemish on them, waiting for you to lie between them and cum deep in her cunt.

I want to show her this and any stories that could tell her how much she will love it when she lays down with you, fucks you endlessly, begins to turn into the slut she's always been but only privately. I know she will need to fuck and fuck endlessly, maybe a gangbang. She has been waiting for a long time, and there aren't enough cocks to exhaust her. In a group of you, she would cum once while stroking and licking you, then cum again by simply seeing the next cock waiting for her. I swear if she was to sit and four guys were to strip off and stand there, she could make them hard and dripping with pre-cum simply by turning those incredible eyes in the direction of their cocks.

Do you think she will enjoy her future?